WINNER Won Hearts At Their First Concert In Singapore

By iReporter Team | November 08, 2018 05:27 PM EST


WINNER stands out amongst YG's Hip Hop identity as a group with R&B and Alternative Pop as their main genre. Their uniqueness was not lost with us as they enthralled the audience at their show in Singapore last Saturday.

A group of 4, WINNER consists of Leader YOON, JINU, HOONY and MINO. Despite each having their own unique colour in terms of performance and music, they mesh together extremely well, creating a soulful vibe that the public cannot help but fall in love with.

With tracks like 'Really Really', 'Empty' and 'Don't Flirt', WINNER created a wonderful atmosphere, pleasing vibes with the fan favourites of all their albums. Throughout the night, hands were held high, waving to the enthralling melodies.

The eldest, JINU, or Jinwoo, cutely introduced himself as the 'handsome, beautiful and cool' member, not that we can disagree! InnerCircles, fans of WINNER, were definitely constantly made aware of the love WINNER had for them as they kept peppering the audience with words of how excited they were. WINNER's talented vocals were definitely a highlight, especially when YOON, or Seungyoon, broke out into an impromptu verse of 'Let's Get It Started' by The Black Eye Peas, when Seunghoon, or HOONY, wanted to kick off the concert into the next stage.

Impressively, Seungyoon seemed to be fluent in English, which definitely did not help the melting hearts of every fan, with words as smooth and sweet as honey kept flowing, telling the fans how amazing they were, how happy he was to see their beautiful smiles, and how charming everyone was.

Hilariously, WINNER informed everyone about their attempt to take the Singapore Flyer, which failed as they had reached too late. But to make up for it, they took photos of the flyer and with the flyer, which they promised to upload on their SNS (here). However, they made up for it by being able to taste the local food - and they touchingly shared that how in every country, they would try to experience the culture, so that they could feel connected to the fans. InnerCircles are definitely a lucky bunch!

Fans were specially treated to solo stages of each member, and it was amazing how each member had their own strengths that really shined true and through each stage. MINO's amazing solo with 'BODY' and 'Turn Of the Light' left everyone mesmerized, while Seunghoon amped the atmosphere up by performing 'Ringa Linga' by Taeyang of BIGBANG. JINU definitely showed that his vocals were not to be messed with as he belted out 'Untitled', which is a song by G-Dragon, who is also from BIGBANG.

A definite highlight was when YOON sang a short rendition and acapella of popular Austrailian Singer's Troye Sivan's 'Youth'. His amazing version had no backing vocals or track to it - and a beautiful atmosphere was created as fans sang along.

Before the night ended, WINNER parted their fans with a sweet message, 'Singers cannot exist without listeners. Without all of you waiting for us, we wouldn't be able to come this far. I hope this is your happiest day, as it is mine'.

We'll definitely be waiting for you WINNER!

Special thanks to Unusual Entertainment for inviting to cover WINNER 2018 EVERYWHERE TOUR IN SINGAPORE.   

Writer: Bel | Photo Credits: Unusual Entertainment

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