iKON Yells Their Love For iKoNics At Tour In Singapore

By iReporter Team | November 10, 2018 04:48 PM EST


If you've heard that iKON's concerts were lit and to another level, guess what - the sayings are true. Last weekend, Singapore iKoNics were treated to an incredible concert that definitely ended way to fast. Now struck with a serious case of Post-Concert Withdrawal Symptoms - we can only wistfully recount the experience.

iKoNic were in stitches for almost the entire night, as eldest member Jinhwan spewed puns after puns - He even made up one during a song break. Though not everyone got it at first, we gave serious props to how genius it was. "Singapore, you make us SINGASONG'. Adorably, he pouted when not everyone reacted instantly.

The amount of 'sense' each member had was insane - youngest member Chanwoo cheekily made a comment about how Singapore iKONics were 'killing him right now' when asked to address the fans with how he felt - a lead-up to the song 'Killing Me', which they performed right after.

Nobody can diss iKON like they can diss each other - fans were sent into hysterics as Bobby and Jinhwan poked fun at Hanbin, who had proudly shown off his watch he had brought from Jeju-do. "That look like it's for your sister!", they had insisted, which Hanbin promptly defended.

It ended with a conclusion from Jinhwan that Hanbin was a 'mean brother' - but we all know that isn't true, of course.

Another savage burn from Jinhwan came when Yunhyeong mentioned that he thought his face was better. Not letting the opportunity slip by and admitting defeat, the oldest had shot back - "Well you should work on your face, because Chanwoo's better!" The two members, Yunhyeong and Chanwoo, are famously known to look like twins, although they aren't related.

Alike Winner, iKON did not have much time and allowance to travel and visit Singapore, but luckily, they had the chance to try out the local food. Whilst everyone said they loved it - prompting another pun from Jinhwan of how they enjoyed the crab, and can make our hands clap! Bobby cried out in cute indignant about how he was the only one who didn't enjoy it - he isn't a seafood person, and instead introduced his favourite Korean dish.

The fans definitely had to work hard to see iKON on stage though. For the encore, iKON insisted that they would only come back onstage depending on the fans' cheers. Beautifully, the fans had prepared an encore project, called 'Kolorful Ocean', where they lighted up the stadium with finger lights of all colours in the rainbow. They also had a banner project which said 'iKON, we'll protect you', and we have to admit we teared when Jinhwan strongly insisted that that wasn't the way it should be - instead, iKON would protect their iKONics, which is the fandom name of iKON. Hilariously, Hanbin had quietly responded, 'Please protect me!"

iKONics got to feel the amount of love iKON had for them as they literally screamed it out. Getting the fans to quieten down, Hanbin, Bobby and JuNe each took turns to shout their love and thanks.

Another crack-worthy moment was Chanwoo being a towel machine. King of fanservice, he had picked up several towels, shooting them towards the crowd nonstop as gifts. It is impressive to note his growth from when iKON first debuted, now proudly standing on stage - being the last member to join iKON.

We are sure iKON will 'Kontinue' to climb towards success.

Special thanks to Unusual Entertainment for inviting to cover iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR IN SINGAPORE.

Writer: Bel | Photo Credits: YG Entertainment

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