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5 Hilarious Moments of SHINee's Jonghyun Fans Will Never Forget

By Edward Leary | January 18, 2019 11:29 PM EST


With it being one year since the death of SHINee's beloved vocalist Jonghyun (Dec. 19th, 2017), fans have shown nothing but sadness, distraught and worry for not only the remaining members of SHINee but for all their favorite idols. Suicide is no laughing matter - and although many fans are aware of the steps and resources towards recovery, few fans are aware of the ways many people try to donate.

Before heading over to to partake in their charitable fundraiser and receive a FREE face mask with code 'JHPEACE' let us reminisce on some of Jonghyun's happiest and cherishable moments!

1. When Jonghyun Went To Idol Fan-Girl School

Being a fan takes a lot of dedication - and SHINee's Jonghyun proved he had the guts to put on his best dress (literally) and swoon over the best idols in all of K-Pop!

2. Jonghyun's Hilarious Dance Skills

Dancing is all a part of the Idol trade, but Jonghyun could always take it to the next level. He may have had the suave moves that can have you drooling, but he also kept some hilarious gags under his belt too. Maybe falling was all a part of the plan?!

3. The Way Jonghyun Teased His Members

Let's face it, every group has a member that kept stop teasing everyone! Although Jonghyun was excellent at teasing his members ofter, it seems they got him a couple more times than he had anticipated. Let's check out some of the times the whole group couldn't resist cracking a joke or two!

4. Jonghyun's FacePalm-Worthy Aegyo Style

Well, Jonghyun couldn't be absolutely perfect, could he? Always remaining hesitant to show off his aegyo, when Jonghyun finally gives in he always gave it his all. So much brute strength in his Bbuing bbuing~

5. Jonghyun's Memorable Skits on 'SNL Korea'

Jonghyun wasn't just a talented singer, he was a comedian of epic proportions as well. With the ability to make people laugh with just a comical expression alone, the hysterical idol never ceased to make us smile in any way he could!

Remember, no matter what, Jonghyun would want you to remember him in his happiest of moments. We hope this article can bring you some joy, peace, and comfort. Don't forget to fight the stress away with one of Kos Allure's FREE facemasks with any purchase that donates to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. Use code JHPEACE before you buy and thank you for sharing, donating, and caring!

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