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THE SAEM x SEVENTEEN FANSIGN IN KUALA LUMPUR: On Meeting CARATS, Skincare Tips & Future Projects.

By iReporter Team | February 24, 2019 01:25 AM EST


When SEVENTEEN flown to Kuala Lumpur recently, it creates abuzz among Kpop fans especially CARATS; a special Fansign event was held in conjunction of the official launch of THE SAEM, a popular Korean beauty brand, where SEVENTEEN is the ambassador for the brand.

Thousands of fans congregated in the centre of Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur hoping to catch a glimpse of this 13-member group. Some of these dedicated fans arrived as early as 10am even though the event will only start at 3pm. While waiting for SEVENTEEN's arrival, these dedicated fans were continuously fan-chanting and singing to the lyrics from SEVENTEEN songs to hype up the atmosphere of the event. Within hours, it felt like the shopping mall have turned into a concert arena.

While waiting for SEVENTEEN's arrival, the fans in the crowd were given the opportunity to win the fansign pass. Quoting Elvis Presley, "The road to love if full of danger signs", hence same goes to these fans as there's no easy way for them to win the fansign pass as they need to perform several tasks (roadblocks) in order for them to win it. The crowds applauded the 4 most dedicated CARATS within the pool of audience as they managed to overcome the challenges ie  i) rapping to Vernon's part in the song, ii) mention ALL SEVENTEEN members name, iii) spell SEVENTEEN members's name backward and iv) sing to the lyrics from 'Hug' .

Their arrival was delayed almost 2 hours and due to unforeseen circumstances, only 11 of them attended the event, with the absence of The8 and Junhui. However, it doesn't dampen the spirit of CARATS because the second SEVENTEEN members stepped out from the car, thunderous of screams and chants from the fans inside the mall welcomed them as they headed towards the main stage.

Handsomely clad in white shirt and washed-out jean, they greeted their fans on stage. From the smile on SEVENTEEN faces, it clearly showed their joy and happiness to meet their beloved fans once again.

In a short interview on stage, Vernon thanked the fans for their passion, love and support. He also wished the fans a very Happy New Year. Speaking of New Year, Serena C, who was the MC of the event taught the boys few sentences in Cantonese, one of the dialects spoken among Malaysian Chinese, starting off with greeting the Lunar Year, before the members were tricked to say 'Will You Marry Me'. The organizer also prepared a special birthday surprise for both Vernon and DK who shared their birthday on 18th February as the fans sang the birthday song to both members.

SEVENTEEN who have come to Malaysia for their Diamond Edge concert in 2017 and Ideal Cut concert in 2018 did not refuse the idea of holding another concert in Malaysia in the near future. Joshua further mentioned that their current schedules were very tight with promotional activities and other commitments. However, should they hold another concert tour, Malaysia will definitely be included in their list. 'We have plans to come again and hold the concert here. However, if there are a lot of demand from fans and if we got the time to have the tour, we will fulfil your wishes'. He further added 'We are very grateful with the supports and what we can do is to entertain our fans. We will do our best to come again and hold the concert here'.

Appointed as the ambassador of The SAEM, a popular cosmetic brand in South Korea, the members of SEVENTEEN also shared some of their daily skincare tips and routines, for a healthy, glow and fresh face with the fans. Vernon said lip balm is a must item for him while Wonwoo added that what matters the most is to wash the face cleanly after completing all your daily activities. 'Do not leave the makeup before you go to bed and remove it on the following day. I think our facial care almost similar with everyone else. What I did was, firstly, removed my makeup and was my face as soon as I completed my schedule. I won't wait until the next day to remove it.' In addition, they also performed the Harakeke dance, the signature line product endorsed by SEVENTEEN.

After releasing their 6th mini album, You Made My Dawn with the title track Home last January, it proved that they can be a chart force no matter what the season. The album debuted at No.4 on Billboard's World Album Chart and have received continuous positive reviews. Mingyu said they have put a lot of effort in realizing this album and they are thankful and simultaneously grateful with the receptions from the fans and music community globally. S Coups further added that they are currently working on the new release and they hope that the fans will patiently waiting and keep supporting them. So CARATS, what are you waiting for? Get your wallet ready!!!

Kpopstarz would ike to thank Parkson for this media coverage.

Article by: Amalina A                             Photocredit: Josephine Tan Mei Fang

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