Exclusive Interview: Questions With Lovelyz [With Concert Tickets Giveaway!]

Woollim Entertainment's first 8-membered girl group 'Lovelyz' will be in Singapore this coming weekend for their first concert. Ahead of their concert, the group, consisting of Baby Soul, Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sujeong and Yein, took some time to answer a few of our questions. 


KpopStarz: Can you share the biggest charm of Lovelyz?

Babysoul: You will not get tired with our music and keep listening to it comfortably. There are distinguishing features among 8 members and charms of getting close with our fans just like friends.

Jiae: I think it is the friendliness that we get together with our fans like friends!

Jisoo: It is a charm that there is a mysterious mix of pureness, clear and a contrasting cool feeling.

Mijoo: The vocal of 8 members!

Kei: The biggest charm is the exclusive 'loveliness' of LOVELYZ. 

JIN: Luxurious music!

Sujeong: Good music and "Beagle beauty" (the attractiveness of being mischievous, like Beagle).

Yein: Innocence on stage while friendly and easy-going off stage.

KpopStarz: It's been five years since Lovelyz debuted. How do you think you have changed since then?  

Babysoul: Our thoughts have changed the most. Just walk down our way relaxingly without comparing to others!

Jiae: The way we perform! When we first debuted, we were so nervous and hectic that we can remember nothing now. Although the nervousness still remains, we know the way to cope with it and can enjoy the moment on the stage now.

Jiso: Making little money hahaha. 

Mijoo: The friendship of LOVELYZ.

Kei: I think our musicality become a bit more solid and mature!

JIN: Our appearance...? haha

Sujeong: We became more close with each other and being happy!

Yein: There are more Hoobae(juniors) group coming out, and people know more about the group LOVELYZ

KpopStarz: You released your third EP "Fall in Lovelyz". Which track represents you best and why?

Babysoul: ! It is my favorite song and a song of us that we expressed our sensitivity well

Jiae:   is the title song, and I think it is the most matching song with LOVELYZ. It is excited and you will tremble when you first listen to it.

Jisoo: is a mix of bright and cool feelings, therefore I think it is a song that you can peep into the sensitivity of LOVELYZ.

Mijoo: ran in reverse and it is my favourite

Kei: shows the loveliness and misty the only belongs to LOVELYZ!

JIN: It's ! If you listen to it, you will know. It has the a tone that only belongs to LOVELYZ and well matched with us haha

Sujeong: is a clear, cool and excited song, and it is well matched with the image of LOVELYZ

Yein: release power to our fans and the atmosphere is well matched with the pureness of LOVELYZ!

KpopStarz: This is your first tour. How do you feel? What are the challenges?

Babysoul: I am very looking forward to it and I have longed for it. Therefore I feel happy, and I want that day to come earlier, and I want to meet my fans.

Jiae: As it is the first time, I am very excited! I want to interact with our fans more! Rather than big difficulties, this is all because of Lovelinus, that we can start our tour!

Jisoo: Although doubting if I can interact with my limited foreign language is my biggest thought, as we can connect with our heart other than language, I am not worry

Mijoo: There is no difficulties at all, and I am excited and looking forward to it.

Kei: The tour that I've always dreamt for has become true, therefore I still feel like dreaming and excited~ I really want to do it well!

JIN: Because there are our dear Lovelinus, I think there is no difficulty..haha Thank you so much Lovelinus T^T

Sujeong: As it is the first time, I am worry and excited.  And it is one of LOVELYZ's goals meeting Lovelinus in different countries, and I am happy that it came true!

Yein: Concert tour is the first time ever after I was born. I am very thankful for having more and more people who like LOVELYZ, so that we can do a concert tour. As I am a bit worry about language, so I am now gradually learning!

KpopStarz: Which is your most unforgettable performance?

Babysoul: It's the first performance of . It is a performance that our fans have longing for, so I feel good and it was interesting.

Jiae: performance was done awhile after it is out, therefore our fans liked i>t a lot! It is a performance that we can forget the tiredness of the choreography of !

Jisoo: Our recent performance of on MCountdown.


Kei: The ending performance of our concert. We had interacted a lot with our fans, and I can't forget they sang along with our songs all together.

JIN: It's !

Sujeong: LOVELYZ has tried out a brand new style of choreography and song in , it was fu.n

Yein: The first debut performance.

KpopStarz: What can fans expect from 'Lovelyz 3 Of Winter World'?

Babysoul: We will show you performances that you have never seen before and it will be fun and break through your heart haha

Jiae: I am looking forward to it too~ We will show you performances that will not let LOVELYZ and Lovelinus down!

Jisoo: LOVELYZ will walk through the way of LOVELYZ! We will show you a more distinct color of LOVELYZ

Mijoo: It's a secret~~!~!~!~!~!

Kei: As there are various performances that you've not seen in music program and are only shown in concert are awaiting for you, please look forward!

JIN: medley! Really..T^T It's the awesome

Sujeong: A lot of people said it is the most exciting concert ever. And we are planning to sing songs that we've not sang in Korea concert!

Yein: There might be or might not be songs different from Korea concert~Secret~~! haha

KpopStarz: What upcoming Lovelyz project are you most excited about and why?

Babysoul: It's the activities that we do with our fans. Broadcast, concert and getting to meet our oversea fans!! We exist because of our fans!

Jiae: Please begin with anticipating the most recent concert tour! As it is the first tour, I am very excited! Wait a little more, Lovelinus~!

Jisoo: I am wondering aren't there a lot of chances to show you different powers that LOVELYZ members have. I am sure you will see the charms hiding within LOVELYZ.

Mijoo: We will meet our fans more more often.

Kei: As we will be meeting you guys with different styles~ You should get ready to fall for LOVELYZ charms more~

JIN: Our musicality? We will continue to try out different kind of musicJ

Sujeong: Please look forward to more advanced song and new concepts!

Yein: First of all, I hope you can be anticipated for the first concert tour, that LOVELYZ has got after debut! Many of the Lovelinus around the world have asked us to visit their country with performance, and the dream has finally come true, that's why we feel really happy about that!

KpopStarz would like to thank Lovelyz, Woollim Entertainment, Dshow and iMe Singapore for the exclusive email interview with Lovelyz. 

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