What's next for BlackPink after their historic moment in Coachella

By Staff Reporter | April 15, 2019 09:57 PM EDT


Everyone can not still get over with the performance the BlackPink gave during the coachella last April 12. They sure bring the house down and made history for the K-pop world. It is a dream come true to all blinks and coachella organizers to bring people together with different languages into one event. 

As stated by Rose, one of the four members of BlackPink, "Us coming all the way from South Korea, we did not know what to expect and obviously we - you guys and us - we are from totally different worlds. But tonight I think we've learned so deeply that music brings us as one. So I want you guys tonight for sticking by the end of the show."

With "DDU-DDU-DU" as their opening song, followed by "Forever young", "Stay", "Whistle", "Kiss and MakeUp" minus Dua Lipa, "Solo" sung by Jennie, "Kill this love", "Don't know what to do", "Kick it", "See you later", "Playing with fire", "Boombayah" and their last song for the night is "As if its your last" which is surely not going to be BlackPinks last song performing in the US.

Blackpink is considered the highest-charting female k-pop act in US history so it is no doubt that they are also in the list of artists that will perform in the Sahara Stage. This was the band's first ever full length US concert. The girls gave a spectacular show that was even live-streamed on the large screen of New York City's Time Square.

People are tweeting about how crazy the girl group made them feel during the first day of the festival. Some even say that BlackPink made coachella look like a BlackPink concert. It is undeniably true as even the locals are singing along with the girls.

Lisa said during the intermission last words, "We had so much fun, I think i'll remember today for the rest of my life." Us too, Lisa. We will surely remember the performance you gave us. BlackPink gave justice to the K-pop community and we could not be more than proud for all the achievements these girls gave. K-pop totally rocked the coachella and we know the music festival will never be the same.

We are all waiting for what is next after their amazing performance. The girls definitely are at their peak of their career. Blinks can not wait to see what is in store for this girls.


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