Gotto Go To Singapore Press Conference With K-Pop Queen Chung Ha

By iReporter Team | April 26, 2019 04:23 PM EDT


(Photo : Xin En | Special Thanks to Three Angles Production )

The long-awaited arrival of our Kpop queen Chung Ha, finally took place on 21st April as she graced the press conference with her presence. The already heated venue got livelier when Chung Ha made her appearance donned in white flowy blouse tucked in her high-waisted black shorts.

Smiling widely, she started off introducing herself in fluent English and subsequently mentioned that she landed in Singapore that morning in response to the first fan who queued at 5am as well.  It was the former I.O.I member's first time in Singapore, and she has heard a lot about Singapore through enthusiastic Singapore fans from the V Live app.

Chung Ha expressed her excitement on having to perform her stages here and particularly looked forward to meeting her fans at the fan meeting! She also recommended each and every one of her songs to busk in during summer.  

(Photo : Xin En | Special Thanks to Three Angles Production )

Having released numerous music videos, Chung Ha could not choose one as favourite as all music videos she filmed are equally special to her. Regarding her comeback, she also stated that fans can anticipate her comeback in a couple of months, arousing excitement and cheers from the fans.

Some fans clamoured that playing with her pet dog 'Bambi' is her favourite pastime nowadays and she agreed while laughing light-heartedly. Much to everyone's delight, she said that she would definitely visit Singapore again if she was given a month to do something freely. She stated that she is not sure about staying in Singapore for the duration of the entire month, but she will definitely be back here, reflecting the good impression she holds of the red dot and her love for Singapore.

Chung Ha thought she would still be dancing, perhaps a professional dancer if she was not an idol. She also likes listening to people's stories, hence she sees herself possibly as a therapist as well. Having warned us of a cliché answer, she also advised that drinking lots of water and having beauty sleep is essential to maintaining her voice. Of course, not to forget the love from her fans as one of the essential contributing factor.

(Photo : Xin En | Special Thanks to Three Angles Production )

'Can't Live Without' are the three words Chung Ha used to describe her Singapore fans threw her supporters to another round of frenzy as the venue was instantly filled with shouts and cheers. Chung Ha also highlighted the differences between a solo artist and part of a girl group, stating that there was a lot of pressure without her girls, presumably the former members of I.O.I, but the upside was she could instil her personal voice and thoughts into the making of her album. Despite more personalised touches in her album, everything feels different now that she is promoting solo.

Chung Ha also redirected a question to the audience as she wanted to receive recommendations for local delights. She was aware of a famous Singapore toast, but could not remember the name. Her fans came to the rescue as they shouted 'Kaya Toast', and she instantly beamed her widest smile and pointed excitedly in the air while exclaiming that Kaya toast was the toast she would like to try. She also melted her fans hearts when she said that her fans are her super power. Ultimately, she chose teleportation, having to transport quickly to places as her ideal superpower to have.

(Photo : Xin En | Special Thanks to Three Angles Production )

Chung Ha would like to learn more about acting in the future if given the chance, but she is contented with being on stage and connecting with the fans currently. If she were to act, she would like to start off with light hearted roles that are more easily relatable with the audience. Heavy and dark characters would be her challenge at the later stage.

In contrast to her active and outgoing image on stage, she is more of a homebody off stage and she would often hang around with her dancers during her free time. She also added that she wants to visit somewhere traditional in Singapore. 

(Photo : Xin En | Special Thanks to Three Angles Production)

After the press conference, lucky fans got invited to the stage for a live poster autograph session by Chung Ha herself. With the ambience of the press conference already so heated, it is easily imaginable how exciting the fan meeting would be that evening.

See the press conference video below: 

Special thanks to Three Angles Production for inviting KpopStarz to cover '2019 Chung Ha Fan Meeting in Singapore' Press Conference.

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