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JooE, From Being An Ugly Duckling To A Beautiful Swan

By Mirachelle Joya | May 06, 2019 08:18 AM EDT


A lot of netizens area unit bashing and questioning the visual of Momoland's member, JooE. She even received the title because the "ugliest feminine idol within the K-pop history."

JooE same i believe the individuals around Maine are literally a lot of distressed on behalf of me than i'm. It's undoubtedly laborious and displeasing on behalf of me, too, however i would not have chosen this career within the initial place if I knew this was one thing i could not overcome. i think there's no customary in beauty. If one is happy then that is enough. once I initial started gaining attention, it absolutely was laborious as a result ofindividuals referred to as Maine a 'selca liar' (photoshopping of selfies). however in an exceedingly manner, i amglad as a result of I started gaining attention attributable to it."

On March 19, Double Kick discovered that JooE are the new model for a Korean cosmetic company, "baker7." As per the representative of the cosmetic whole, they same that JooE is cute and celebrated. She additionally includes a recent image. they're trying forward to JooE increasing the image of their product.

JooE has additionally been the muse of assorted wear brands, games likewise as Tropicana. She is one amongstthe extremely demanded artists by the market.

From being the "ugliest feminine idol within the K-pop history" to be one amongst the gorgeous idols. when JooE coloured her hair from blond to black, individuals cannot appear to induce enough of her lovely look. several area unit inquisitive why she modified her hair color. 

The reason why is attributable to her army duty tour for the show Real Men three hundred. MLD amusementconfirmed this rumor with an announcement locution,

"It is true that JooE coloured her hair black for 'Real Men three hundred.' before duty tour, she same that she's going to be making an attempt her best to become a decent soldier. She was nervous however showed her interest and dedication within the military life along with her signature bubbly energy."

Netizens even marvel on why she doesn't dye her hair before since it very appearance smart on her. Also, some mentioned that her best look is black hair with bangs. they can not believe it's still JooE when seeing her style. She appearance dazzling and lovely.

It is smart that currently individuals area unit noticing not solely her skills and talent however likewise as her visuals. when 3 years of getting bright coloured hair, her style gave her a older and toned-down look thateverybody loves. 

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