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GOT7's Jus2 Finishes Their Showcase Tour In Singapore On A High Note

By iReporter Team | May 08, 2019 11:18 AM EDT


(Photo : Live Nation Singapore | Special Thanks to Live Nation Singapore)

Big Box may have been transformed into a ghost town, but its concert space, Zepp@Big Box, was alive on May 4, echoing with the thunderous cheers for Jus2. Indeed, Singaporean Ahgases (GOT7 fans) were in for a treat last Saturday as GOT7's latest sub-unit Jus2 performed in Singapore for their last stop of Premiere Showcase Tour.

The duo, JB and Yugyeom started off strong with `Long Black', their sensuous voices injecting a good dose of caffeine-like adrenaline into the hearts of their fans. Following that, the crowd was intoxicated on 'Drunk on You' . Ahgases were more than delighted when Mark, another GOT7 member, stepped onto the stage and introduced himself as the emcee for the talking segment of the showcase.

(Photo : Live Nation Singapore | Special Thanks to Live Nation Singapore)

After a brief introduction of their mini album 'FOCUS', JB and Yugyeom launched into an entertaining series of games, beginning with a quiz testing how well they know each other. JB struggled long and hard deliberating about whether Yugyeom wets his toothbrush before or after putting on his toothpaste. "I brush my teeth when I bathe, so I don't think about this," he reasoned. The image of him in the shower induced fangirl giggles in the audience. Similarly, they teased him with long, stretched out choruses of "Ayyyy!!" when he tried to change his answers for one of the questions. In a twisted game of rock-paper-scissors that served as a tie-breaker, Yugyeom lost. Instead of having to do the punishment, he gained immunity, and JB ended up doing a simultaneously sexy yet cute dance for his punishment.

Next, they segued into the long-anticipated "Focus on Me" portion of the showcase. A roaming camera chose three enthusiastic fans who got the opportunity to engage in a staring competition with their idols. Along with cheesy romantic background music, the fans tried their best to distract the members of Got7 with flirty eye-contact and finger-hearts. Luckily for them, they all walked away with signed editions of Jus2's album.

(Photo : Live Nation Singapore | Special Thanks to Live Nation Singapore)

Alas, Mark's departure from the stage marked the end of the talking segment. JB and Yugyeom executed the slower tune of 'Touch' with powerful vocals before performing their solo numbers. JB was confident and alluring as he belted out 'Sunrise' and Yugyeom was the embodiment of seduction as he sang and danced to 'From Now' . Later on, the duo was reunited on stage to deliver the song 'Senses' and -- of course -- their title track 'Focus on Me'. 

(Photo : Live Nation Singapore | Special Thanks to Live Nation Singapore)

In the wake of fervent chants for an encore, Jus2 returned with a change of attire to perform 'Love Talk' . The neon visuals on the screen and the infectious energy of JB and Yugyeom brightened the stage significantly as everyone revelled in the addictive beats of the song. JB's closing speech was surprisingly interrupted by a fan-made video that Ahgases had lovingly pieced together for them, documenting the memorable highlights of Jus2's journey so far.

As the words "Sorry for always being on the receiving end" flashed on the screen, JB and Yugyeom appeared pensive and touched. JB comforted his fans with a smile, reminding them that Ahgases give them the strength and meaning to go on and that without the support of their fanbase, they definitely would not be where they are today.

As everyone soaked in this poignant, sentimental moment, Jus2 quickly uplifted spirits with an iconic GOT7 medley of 'Hard Carry' and 'Never Ever'. Mark popped back onto the stage for 'Go Higher' , rousing more screams as the mood in the venue reached an all-time high.

(Photo : Live Nation Singapore | Special Thanks to Live Nation Singapore)

The highlight of the entire showcase was probably the final encore of 'Focus on Me' as fans rushed as close to the stage they could get and whipped out their phones to immortalise this moment in video and photos. Some lucky fans were also entitled to a Hi-Touch and fansign event, thus getting the privilege to meet Jus2 on an intimate setting. Nonetheless, it is evident that this showcase was a resounding success, leaving GOT7 fans craving for more.

Special thanks to Live Nation Singapore for inviting KpopStarz to cover 'Jus2 Premiere  Showcase in Singapore'. 

Writer: Jean Leong | Photo Credits: Live Nation Singapore


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