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K-POP Audition Rates

By Mirachelle Joya | May 15, 2019 10:10 AM EDT

K-pop Audition
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Since a lot of people wants to be an Idol and they know how much effort and work they should put up in doing lessons to perfect their singing and dancing skills, aspiring idols are wondering how much it would take them to achieve their dream.

Here is a package for a complete KPOP Training for your reference:PPLICATION FEE

The amount depends on the contents of the application.

For those who are afraid to go to auditions alone, an ACOPIA staff can accompany you. 

Full Day → $216

* K-POP Dance Lesson (One-on-One Lesson)  

Dance Lesson - 90 minutes → $145
Vocal Lesson - 60 minutes → $72
Singing Lesson- 120 minutes → $72
Korean Lesson - 120 minutes → $36

* K-POP Vocal Lesson (One-on-One Lesson)
* Korean Singing Lesson (One-on-One Lesson)
*This is not a vocal lesson (learn Korean from the lyrics of a song)
* Korean lessons (One-on-One Lesson)
*ACOPIA teachers speak Japanese, we can adapt to your Korean level.
* 5-Days Intensive Training Before Audition - 5 Days - $1430

(Included: The 5-day intensive training program include, Individual K-POP Dance lessons every day (2 hours), Individual K-POP Vocal lessons every day (2 hours), Korea One to One lessons twice (2 hours), online application support, Pick up at the airport, Accommodation during stay, Administrative expenses, How to take an audition and provide the latest information on the audition (at any time), accompanying to audition, Document translation and preparation to submission support (anytime), Advice in the case of a trainee contract (free to choose), 24/7 hour assistance in case of accidents and diseases.) 

* If you are staying at the Acopia House, use our Audition Support program and send the fee deposit of 200~500USD, Acopia School Group Dance Class will be available for you as a free service.


On the day of arrival, local staff or host family can pick you up at the airport. We will take you to your place of stay or audition! If you wish, we can also bring you to the airport on the day of your return. (Additional fees)

Gimpo Airport to Seoul (one way)→ $72
Gimpo Airport to Seoul (round trip) → $108 
Incheon Airport to Seoul (one way) → $108
Incheon Airport to Seoul (round trip) → $140


ACOPIA staff can help communicate in Korean with audition offices by translating or creating contents and document (A sheet of paper→ $90); however, it may not be possible to accompany trainees to the venue. We will also provide accommodation during your stay in Korea, which are available overnight. 


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