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Seungri & Yoo in Suk's Pretrial Detention Warrant Request Rejected

By Mirachelle Joya | May 15, 2019 10:17 AM EDT

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Seungri and Yoo In Suk arrives to be questioned over embezzlement, prostitution services, and ordinance violations on May 14, 2019, in which the judge rejected the pretrial detention warrant requests by the kpop singer and the former CEO of Yuri Holdings.

The Seoul Central District Court said, there is "room for dispute" over his alleged embezzlement and there is little concern that could destroy evidence.

The judge, Shin Jhong Yelo explained, "There is room for dispute in regards to the main suspicion, which is embezzlement.It is additionally troublesome to acknowledge a reason for detention, such as potential destruction of evidence, in regards to the remaining suspicions."

Korean Pretrial Detention, also referred to in English as Korean Arrest Warrant, is a law in Korea where Korea allows a prosecutor, via approved by a court, the right tohold a suspect unfinished trial in a very criminal case for up to one hundred eighty days.Pretrial detention refers to detaining of associate defendant person in a very criminal case before the trial has taken place, either because of a failure to post bail or dueto denial of unharness below a pre-trial detention statute.

Korean netizens are mad about this and these are their thoughts about what happened:

"This just shows how corrupt the country is"
"Not surprised"
"Big company wins again by proving that money has absolute power; especially in a corrupt judicial system."
"Is this a country? I'm so dumbfounded. Just who are supporting their backs? What a good damn country"

Seungri is said to be also soliciting prostitutes in his home where he obviously denied those allegations and he said that he just had a sexual relationship with the woman who entered his home in 2015. He said that it was not for prostitution services, just a "normal meeting."

Seungri remained silent and refused to answer any questions that were being thrown at him by reporters. He is wearing a black suit and his hands are cuffed, Seungri remained silent as he was being pushed through the crowd going to his car.

According to reports, Yoo In Suk worked with Seungri on the club Burning Sun and other businesses as well. Yoo is said to be the other influential figure included in the group chatrooms.

There is no official statement yet to be released by the police regarding the dismissal, which means that they have to investigate Seungri and Yoo without detention. 


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