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2NE1 Minzy's New Face

By Mirachelle Joya | May 23, 2019 10:04 AM EDT

Minzy 2ne1
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It is not new for the legendary girl group, 2NE1 to be involved in the plastic surgery rumors. Although one particular member of the group, Minzy admitted to having undergone plastic surgery to enhance her nose.

Her label, YG Entertainment revealed that Minzy did enhance her nose because she is suffering rhinitis for a long time so during her surgery for her rhinitis, she also did surgery to her nose for a complete recovery. That was reported in the year 2013. 

Minzy said that there are a lot of rumors and issues about her appearance and she is not the type to hide things to her fans. She confirmed having rhinitis during that time and it gives her a hard time while doing her performance so, in order to not affect her singing and dancing on stage, she went to a hospital where the doctors told her that her nose is crooked and that it needs to be fixed for a perfect recovery.

Their CEO Yang Hyun Suk is against plastic surgery but because Minzy is suffering a loy, they had a go signal from the CEO as well as from Minzy's mother as well. Everyone thought that that was the only surgery Minzy did but in her recent Instagram photos, netizens assume that she went under the knife again.

Minzy uploaded a stunning photo of her wearing a black shirt and sunglasses and people cannot believe how cute she looks like. Reports say that she just changed her makeup but netizens do not believe that she just changed her makeup style, they thought she changed her whole face.

Pictures of her from years ago shows that she does not change much at all. She looks exactly the same except the fact that she is wearing less eye makeup.

After she left 2NE1, she decided to pursue her solo career and she is very successful as a singer, dancer, and rapper that is why it is a must to take care of her physical appearance. Though some commenters said that she went under too many surgeries that her face becomes unrecognizable. She used to have a round face but now her face looks a bit sharper and she reasoned out that it is because she spent a lot of time in the YG gym.

She said that because her mother is so fond of her, she encourages her to be as thin as the other members and to motivate her, she herself, lost 22lbs. To support her weight loss journey, some of her family members also went on a diet and that is what pushes her to lose weight as well.


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