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Stage K’s Contestants Shocked BLACKPINK With Their Performances

By Staff Reporter | June 08, 2019 10:43 AM EDT

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Stage K's Contestants Shocked BLACKPINK With Their Performances.

As YG Entertainment's girl group, Blackpink, recently finished their American Tour last May 10, they immediately flew back to South Korea the following day to shoot for some variety shows, and one of these is their appearance on Stage K that aired last June 2.

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Originally, Stage K is a new global dance competition from JTBC network that started to air only last April which features many K-pop enthusiasts from all over the world that cover the dances of their idols to compete in some TV shows like this. Aside from showing their dancing skills to the whole world, these talented fans will also have the chance to meet and dance with their idols (if they won). However, the crucial part of this contest, especially for the idols, is that the winners will be judged and chosen by them, so they will have to decide who and not to eliminate.

Even if Stage K is only a rookie show in South Korea, Production Director Kim Hak-min already received overflowing numbers of applicants from 77 countries. Through this, they opt to invite notable idols on their show to guest and be a judge to their fans who are covering their dance performances and on the last June 2 episode, the invited guests were Blackpink.

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At the beginning of the episode, each member of Blackpink described what they are looking for in a performance and Rosé said that she wants to have that certain "feeling" whenever she will watch, while Jennie prefers to focus more on the "energy" of the competitors. On the other hand, Jisoo shared that the group must have "teamwork" in order to capture her attention and lastly, the group's dancing machine, Lisa, wanted to see the "key point of the choreography."

In this episode, the judges will have to choose a winner within the four groups from France, Belgium, Poland, and Japan. The first competitor is Belgium, and they performed "Whistle" with full of swag and attitude which Rosé liked about them!

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The second contestant is from France and they danced "As If It's Your Last" which Jisoo and Lisa complemented. Jisoo also emphasized that she noticed a few changes in the choreography and she wants to try it too!

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As mentioned by Jennie, she is looking for superb energy when they're performing and that is what Team Japan showed to the judges while dancing "Boombayah", that's why they received many claps from the judges and audiences.

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The competition became more intense when the last team from Poland performed "Playing With Fire" that Jennie and Jisoo liked because of the gracefulness of their moves.

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Though the judges loved the four teams, they still have to choose who deserves to win and get a chance to dance with them. It must be hard for them but in the end, they chose Belgium team as the winner and immediately joined them in dancing their new song "Kill This Love".

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