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TWICELIGHTS is finally happening in Manila, and Filipino ONCEs can’t get enough of it!

By Staff Reporter | June 05, 2019 10:10 AM EDT

(Photo : Live Nation Singapore)

Endless videos of what seems to be very long lines of people are creative waves on social media, especially on Twitter. One user posted a picture of a long queue a day before the ticket selling. This just shows the power Twice have over the Philippines. Many fans were seen waving their cute, lit-up candy bongs while sitting and waiting for daybreak.

The next day, SM Supermalls, the biggest mall chain outlet in the Philippines, has announced that the tickets in TWICELIGHTS Manila were already sold out. Moreover, the online ticket selling became unavailable shortly after the big announcement. The record for this ticket selling had a duration of two hours only. Not bad for the nation's girl group, right?

Aside from onsite ticket selling, there were also online and onsite ticket buyers who arranged everything for those who do not have the time or means to go buy for themselves. Despite the additional fees that were put on top of the original price of the tickets sold by SM, still, many sought for their service. Some Twice fans used this as an advantage to profit, but most did not benefit, saying that all of them deserve to see their idols in the flesh.

The genuine fans of the highly-acclaimed girl group in the Philippines have made the record possible. In realtime Philippine Twitter trends, the hashtags #TWICELIGHTSinMANILA took the number one spot which has 34,000 tweets and still counting, followed by #TWICEinMANILA in the number three spot and #PHOnces in the number fourteen spot.

Happee Sy, a bonafide K-pop concert organizer, has announced it herself via Twitter that the tickets are now sold out, prompting unlucky Once to seek tickets being sold by fellow Twice fans online. There are numerous threads sprouting from the platform with posts selling these extra or unwanted tickets. The ticket selling online is still well-received despite the additional mark-ups that some added. Due to the high demand, some concerned fans told younger Onces to be aware of the fishy selling schemes appearing online.

Setting an all-time record high is not that hard for Filipino Once, despite being under the intense heat of the tropical country. Nonetheless, the Twice fever is on the high and it seems that Filipino Once is not recovering any time soon. In spite of the hot and humid weather, we wish Twice success for their first-ever concert here in Manila.


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