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BTS Gets a Funko POP Spin

By Staff Reporter | June 06, 2019 11:20 AM EDT

BTS New Book Note 1
(Photo : John Lin)

Joining in with other boy bands such as N'sync and the Backstreet boys, Funko is making a huge leap in catering to more fan bases across countries. Funko POP music is releasing its BTS figure collection.

BTS is the first Korean music group to have its own Funko POP line. While PSY was the first ever Korean artist to have one, BTS is quickly topping the sales charts for KPOP Funko POPs all over the world.

When Funko released the news on February 15, 2019, that they will be releasing BTS Funko POPs, the pre-order demand caused retailers to set up limits per buyers. The uproar caused retailers to limit fan purchases, giving buyers the option to only one Funko POP per member of the boy group. And after the official release date May 27, 2019, BTS Funko POPs ranked number one best seller in Amazon's Toy Figure category and is still going strong

When the figures were initially released Jungkook's Funko POP model topped Amazon's Toy Figure category as the number one selling figure worldwide. As of writing though Suga's Funko figures are continuously besting Jungkook's in Amazon's All-Time Best Seller list which is updated hourly based on sales. Though in BTS' official merchandise distributor, one doesn't need to compare whose figures are selling out as not only are their Funko POP models are still selling out a week after the release date, completely but also their other merchandises.

It goes to show that BTS' solid fan base can simply move mountains. And even more so, BTS will make sure that they are doing it back for their fans as well.  Band merchandise is a huge business, particularly for musicians that have a huge following. And BTS is making sure that they serve their fans very well when it comes to giving them what they want, be it new music or band shirts or action figures.

Now it's only a matter of time before BTS starts diving into other merchandise ideas as well. What with their website already selling spill-proof mugs to ID lanyards, other kinds of products are not far from reach.

You can start collecting your BTS merchandise with Funko POP figures from Amazon starting at $10.00 USD a pop or buy a full set at $79.99 USD from Barnes and Noble. And slowly make that descend into that KPOP rabbit hole.


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