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Lee Hi and iKon’s B.I Share More Information About “No One” and The Making of Its Music Video

By Staff Reporter | June 06, 2019 01:01 PM EDT

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In a behind-the-scenes film for her latest music video "No One," Lee Hi gave more details about the song's concept.

On June 1, 2019, Lee Hi introduced her new track, saying that it is inspired by Han Young Ae's "No One." Han Young Ae is considered the godmother of the Korean blues genre. She stated that there are instruments used that she had never had in any of her previous songs, so it has a fresh sound. She also explained that the video is about a person who thinks he is a human and acts like one, but is actually a cat.

Lee Hi added that she did her best to deliver the lonely emotion of the song. "No One" is her first release in three years since her 2016 Seoulite album, so she hopes that many people would listen to it and enjoy it. It is included in her new mini album "24℃" that was revealed on May 30 this year, featuring iKon's B.I.

The song was written by Kim Min-Goo, iKon's B.I and composed by Kang Uk Jin, Kim Min-Goo, and Diggy. Kang Uk Jin and Diggy were also given credits for participating in the arrangement for "No One." The track is a combination of Lee Hi's soulful vocals and the exotic sounds of India, giving the listeners an odd and new feeling.

Furthermore, while on set for the MV shoot, iKon's B.I said that Lee Hi helped him out during a survival program, so he is happy that he can lend a hand in this simple way. He went on stating that he put a lot of thought into the lyrics.

B.I was then asked about the role he plays in the music video. He replied that he is like a young prince that is living all by himself on a planet and is looking for someone who will make her sadness disappear. Unfortunately, luck was not on his side. The artist added that they filmed a variety of concepts and that he did his best not be a nuisance. He even remarked that the energy was good.

Lee Hi also talked about the choreography of the track, shyly showing off the dance for the camera. She stated that she practices whenever she has the time during breaks so as not to forget the dance.

As a conclusion, the female artist mentioned that she would be doing plenty of promotions from this day forward and asked for fans to continue supporting her and giving her love.


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