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DAY6 Shares About Their Music Style, Favorite Genres, Production Process, And More

By Staff Reporter | June 17, 2019 08:21 AM EDT

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DAY6 had an interview with online music magazine IZM, where each member talked about their music genres, style of music, production process, and others.

The band was asked about how they create their music, and Sungjin answered that each member gives his idea about the tune and melody then they work on it as a group. He even mentioned that they make individual tracks and as units and that every member is expected to give his full participation, especially when choosing the 'point' they want to emphasize on.

Sungjin explained that the 'point' he is referring to is either gaining the support of the public or the musicality of the song, but it can also be both, depending on the track. He added that the group tries to include each of their musical tastes into the songs they produce. And since the band likes different genres, their songs always end up as a combination of various styles, so the boys fix their attention on clipping out those different approaches.

DAY6 then one by one, shared their preferred genres. Sungjin went first, saying that he enjoys modern rock and British pop including those that are sung by Radiohead, Coldplay, and Ed Sheeran. Wonpil stated that he has the same taste as that of Sungjin, and like songs that don't become too popular. Jae expressed his love for folk music, sharing that the album of Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler's EP "brent" left him a big impression.

Dowoon, on the contrary, prefers variety music from trap and electronic to Quinn XCII. Last but not least, Young K said that ever since he was at a very young age, he listens to punk rock, hip hop, and Britpop. He added that he has been enjoying bright music that he finds comfortable to listen to and puts you in a good mood. Young K went on, stating that he learned how to form harmonies through listening to boy bands such as Why Don't We, then apply Rudimental's bright energy to our music.

As for the thought of being one of the few bands in the K-pop industry, Jae replied saying that when they are making music, they don't think about the idea of being an idol that much. They work on the lyrics of the songs they like to make. If they want rock music, they make rock music, and if the group chooses pop, they produce one. And rather than dividing the styles, DAY6 is inspired by various musical genres to make the track noteworthy. Jae wants to create music that is uniquely DAY6, merging the strengths of each style.

At the end of the interview, Young K stated that through DAY6's music, he wants to show their honest feelings and their lives as what they are.


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