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Shipping Culture in Fandoms

By Staff Reporter | June 14, 2019 10:15 AM EDT


For most Kpop fans, the shipping of idols whether boy to girl, girl to girl and boy to boy, is no longer an unfamiliar culture. It has become a phenomenon that most fans either enjoys or despises. It has become a concept that slowly plays an essential role in fandom activities.

Now, in Kpop terms, what is shipping?

Relatively, shipping, as what most people know relates to sending of packages and stuff, but in fandom terms, shipping means hoping that those two people you love to have a relationship. 'It's like pairing them together and wishing that someday, your desired ship will succeed. Sometime, to ship means to want that these people have a romantic relationship, but others want to that they have a platonic one.

The shipping culture in the fandom world 'isn't limited to a boy to girl pairs. You can easily spot shippers of a boy to boy and girl to girl tandems too.

If 'you're a millennial and had been all over social media, regardless if you are a Kpop fan or not, you must have encountered the words, Vkook, ChaeLisa, BaekYeol, Liskook, KaiSoo, DaraGon, JenLisa, SkyDragon, SungJoy, and a lot more. These are not merely words or usernames but technically ships that most fans wish to be together. Sometimes not as a romantic couple, but there are moments that their interactions make people want to see them more often. Other ones, they practically wish that they become a couple even though those idols haven't even talked in person yet.

A lot of fans enjoys a lot of ships, but there are ones who are just so comfortable doing it. Remember that we 'don't want to assume their sexuality either by pairing them with anybody else. Sometimes, these idols show affections with each other because they have been living together for quite some time and get so comfortable in showing skinship. Sometimes, fans accept these types of concepts as a form of fanservice, especially during concerts.

Now, is shipping a good or bad thing?

Remember, fans come from diverse cultural backgrounds that sometimes, we all forget that Korea has their own culture too.

As long as there are considerable boundaries, most idols find it okay to see ships. However, we wanna make sure we 'don't let them feel uncomfortable too. Remember that we can neither confirm nor deny these ships.

'Don't take it to seriously and be respectful, of your idols, your fellow fans, and everyone else.


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