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Wonderful Night With Singer Jeong Eun Ji At Her First Singapore Concert [HyeHwa]

By iReporter Team | June 15, 2019 03:57 PM EDT


South Korean singer, Jeong Eun Ji successfully held her first solo concert in Singapore on 9th June 2019 at Zepp@Big Box.

The main vocalist from girl group APink opened the show with "Hopefully Sky", a song with a gracious melody. The inspiration for her song came through her father, who had to work overseas to support the family solitarily. The concert hall was decorated to give a cosy and warm vibe, which made Eun-ji feel at home. She continued her performance with "The Spring" and "It's Ok".  

The actress wanted fans to do her a favour by sharing on their social media that "Eun Ji is very good in English" after the concert. She further revealed that she learned English just before coming to Singapore so as to be able to communicate more effectively with international fans. Her initial plan did not include Singapore as one of her concert venues. A proposal from one of her fans changed her mind, which led to this wonderful twist of event.

Dubbed by some as the Queen of Drama OST, Eun Ji went on to perform "You're My Garden" OST from "Strong Girl Do Bong Soon'" which captivated many Singaporeans' hearts. She further sang "It's You", another of her OST soundtrack collection for the drama "Three Days". Her mellifluous sound enticed the audience. Eun Ji next dedicated her song "어떤가요 (Being There)" to her fans and said, "Let's grow old together!" 

The singer-songwriter wondered if fans had noticed the differences in the VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) compared to that one which was shown in Korea. She explained "I want to display various sides of myself so that fans can have a better understanding of me as a singer and as a human being through this video clip".

During the fan-talk session, Eun Ji danced to APink's "Mr Chu" , claiming that it was the only sexy dance she could do. One of the lucky fans who was chosen to sing "Hopefully Sky" with her onstage became the envy of many. The crowd could not let her go without seeing a display of aegyo (cute acts). Eventually, she gave in and made a marshmallow face and sang  "내꼬해", a well-known Korean aegyo song to satisfy them. She further acceded to fan requests and sang a few verses of "All For You" a famous duet from her drama "Reply 1997" , charming everyone with her beautiful voice.

Eun Ji continued to serenade Pandas (name of APink's fans) with a sentimental ballad which she really loves, "Seasons Change". It was written with the hope to heal and comfort the listeners. She further displayed her powerful vocals through Beyoncés' "Love On Top" and Bruno Mars' "Treasure" .

The multi-talented queen even prepared special performances for fans; Adele's "When We Were Young", a mandarin song, "那些年" and Ailee's "I Will Go To You Like The First Snow", the OST from another highly rated drama "Goblin" which was very well received in Singapore!

The charismatic singer then invited everyone to sing along to "Love Day", followed by a sweet spring track, "Be With me", uplifting the mood and atmosphere of the entire concert hall.

Playful Eun Ji knew that everyone would be cheering her for an encore. She continuously assured that she will definitely perform again after being given some time to change her outfit.

Unlike the typical concert, Pandas gave the most unique and interesting encore. Eun Ji was well pleased and joked that it sounded like an NG (No-Good/retake) with the whistle at the end of the "Hopefully Sky" fan-chant.

When practising the chorus of "Farewell", the OST from drama "Secretary Kim", explosive laughter and cheers could be heard. Everyone enjoyed the moment seeing a serious and thoughtful Eun Ji trying to get Pandas from different sections of the audience to participate more actively.

While singing the last song "First Love", Eun Ji emphasized that she will continue to sing and be a source of energy for her fans. When she first started, she only sang for herself. But as she progresses, she now wants to sing for others and bring cheer to people with her songs.

It ended on a beautiful note, leaving a wonderful and unforgettable night for everyone. 

Get to experience the action with "The Spring" performance:

Special thanks to DShow and Three Angles Production for inviting KpopStarz to cover Jeong Eun Ji 1st Singapore Concert [HyeHwa].

Writer: Jessica Ho | Photo and Video Credits: Ong Melin


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