NCT 127 Members Accepted the "Try Not to Sing or Dance Challenge"

By Staff Reporter | June 26, 2019 10:21 AM EDT

NCT 127 - Neo-City World Tour Live in Newark
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The members of SM Entertainment's boy group, NCT 127, tried to not sing and dance along with the music of some notable artists in the industry.

Along with their newly released comeback album entitled "We Are Superhuman" that was released last May 24, the NCT 127 members still accepted the challenge of one of the famous channels on YouTube-the Fine Brothers Entertainment.

The Fine Brothers Entertainment (or FBE) is an entertainment company that posts entertaining videos on their YouTube channel such as reacting videos, composing web series, and inviting some notable K-pop artists to try some of their famous challenges.

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With these kinds of contents of their videos, many netizens surely enjoyed watching on their YouTube account!

With the ongoing North American NEO City Tour of NCT 127, the Fine Brothers did not let their chance slip away and immediately contacted their managers to have a collaboration and also try the challenge. Fortunately, NCT 127's schedule fit in and accepted their invitation.

On the first part of the video, a person behind the camera explained the mechanics of the game and the members had different reactions, since some were confident that they'll succeed, while some are already saying that it will be hard for them.

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After a while, the first song comes on and it was their sunbae's hit song, Monster by EXO, and this will be already hard for them, especially when they usually dance this a lot during their trainee days. As expected, one of them, Johnny, already lose the game as he continuously danced along with the beat.

As the other members are still holding it, the second song, which is their own song entitled "Cherry Bomb", is somehow easy for most of them since they just wanted to observe and review their past performances. On the third one, however, is indeed a difficult one since HALF of the members already danced and sang along with Bruno Mars' 24K Magic, since they keep on telling that they can't really hold it in, especially if it is Bruno Mars.

Some music videos that were played are Red Velvet's "Bad Boy", Ariana Grande's "7 rings", and one of their hit songs "Regular", and as expected the members find every song harder and harder to endure in. So, they just all danced to the beat and forgot about winning the game.

It is truly nice to see NCT 127 doing this challenge, and NCTzens would still love to see them doing more challenges in the future!


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