Sandara Park Revealed Dating History

Jul 01, 2019 03:15 PM EDT

(Photo : DKpopnews)

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Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park recently guested on MBN's "Hoon Man Jung Eum" to finally answer one of the Blackjacks' hundreds of topics they are curious about for a decade. While the idol-actress didn't drop the names of the people she went out with, Sandara spilled the beans on how she managed to keep her romantic affairs hidden without a slight hint.

During the show's segment "Dating Experts," MC Kim Jung Soo asked her, "Is it true that you've only dated celebrities in your lifetime?"

Sandara revealed, "I debuted in the entertainment industry when I was 20 years old, and I only dated celebrities after that."

The MC was indeed taken aback by her answer, then he followed her up with a series of questions.

"Is your workplace the reason why you only dated celebrities? Are the people who you've dated models, actors, or in the same field as you?" MC Jung Soo asked Sandara.

Sandara answered, "Most of them were in the same field. When [singers] go to music shows, we exchange looks, and those kinds of things happen naturally. About 100 singers gather at year-end award shows. It's fun when you spend Christmas, the end of the year, and New Year's together. The important thing is that you have to [tell] your members."

Other guests on the show got more curious, then threw more questions to Sandara's revelation.

"How did you not get caught once? When you go on dates, you want to go to delicious restaurants and things like that, but you must've been really secretive," jested g.o.d's Park Joon Hyung. "Are you sure you're not the only one who thought the two of you were dating?"

The former 2NE1 vocalist then responded, "In order to not get caught, you have to be 'cyber lovers.' We mostly met in cars, never went out to eat, and never got food delivered. We just starved."

Meanwhile, MC Jung Soo lid off who Sandara has been crushing on for two decades.

"I hear that Sandara Park, who's being called a dating expert, has had an unrequited crush on someone for 22 years. That person is Eun Ji Won."

The singer-rapper just smiled shyly as JeA of Brown Eyed Girls added, "When Sandara Park appears on a show with Eun Ji Won, she says afterward, 'Isn't Ji Won Oppa so perfect?' When Eun Ji Won changes his hairstyle, she praises him by saying, 'He looks younger than idols these days.'"

Ji Won then said the praises were too much. Nevertheless, he said he's grateful.

When Sandara, who was sitting just beside her long-time crush, was asked about the reason why she has a crush on Ji Won, she said, "He's so handsome, and he's had tsundere charms ever since [SECHSKIES'] promotions for 'A Man's Path.' But in real life, he's so sweet about everything."


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