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Kang Daniel Now A CEO After Setting Up His Own Agency

By Mirachelle Joya | July 05, 2019 11:57 AM EDT

Kang Daniel
(Photo : hellokpop)

On Monday, June 10, former Wanna One member Kang Daniel surprised his fans by going live on Instagram for the first after five months. Just like how a normal Livestream goes, he greeted his fans and told them what he has been up to. He also thanked them for being his "source of strength" during the times he was at a low point of his life.

This was when he also revealed that he's about to embark on a solo career.

"I am now completely in the preparation stage [for my solo debut] and am working on making music. For this [new album], I am participating in writing both the lyrics and the music, and I have been thinking a lot about how I can deliver better music and messages to you guys. Please look forward to it a lot," the idol said.

But what was even more surprising was the news that surfaced the next day. News website YTN Star unveiled that Daniel is now a director of an institution named KD. This news was followed up by the story that the idol established his own company called KONNECT Entertainment and that he's the executive director of the firm as well.

Further, reports said that the newly set up agency, which is under KD, will handle Daniel's businesses in the entertainment realm. KD, on the other hand, will take charge of his other businesses. Hence, the firm has plans to branch out majorly in the future.

KONNECT Entertainment representative clarified the reason for the idol for establishing a one-man company.

"Kang Daniel decided to go in the direction of establishing a one-man agency after considering from every possible angle what kind of agency structure would best suit his long-term activities," the delegate said.

 "His decision was also heavily influenced by the fact that he wanted to return to his fans, who have waited for a long time, as quickly as possible. It was because a one-man agency, which can be both focused and effective in its work, is best-suited to [helping him] promote as soon as possible," the appointed person added.

Last May, the Seoul District Courts suspended Daniel's contract with his former agency LM Entertainment, which is in favor of him and therefore now allows him to pursue independent activities without any intrusion from his former company.

LM Entertainment, however, appealed to the decision of the court. Daniel and his former agency are scheduled to meet in court again on Wednesday, June 12.


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