Kim Jae Hwan Shares “Very Sweet” Moments With Fans In Singapore

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Ever since Kim Jae Hwan appeared on the popular survival show Produce 101 Season 2, he has been stealing the hearts of fans from all over the world with his guitar-playing and his vocals. Indeed, the cheers in the fan-meeting venue were a testament to his steadily increasing popularity. On 20 May 2019, Kim Jaehwan debuted as a solo artist with his album . Just two months later, the talented 23-year-old is touring Asia for his first fan-meeting, also known as MIN:D. On 6 July 2019, he arrived at our little red dot to perform for his Singaporean WIN:Ds at The Star Theatre.

As the lights dimmed, the cheers of WIN:Ds crescendoed as Kim Jae Hwan emerged on the stage with a strong presence. He started with a bang with his album track "Designer", sending the audience into a fangirling frenzy as he executed smooth and sultry body waves in perfect synchronisation with the music. Known affectionately by his fans as "Jjaenie", he was a stunningly dashing figure with his well-fitted military-style outfit.

After the fans screamed "Oppa Saranghae" at the top of their lungs, Kim Jaehwan returned back on stage with a bright smile, quickly launching into his interview segment, "MIN:DMAP". Fans were delighted when their idol addressed them as "chiobus", the Singaporean synonym for "pretty". The questions revolved around Kim Jaehwan's private life, such as his social circle, his hobbies and his travelling desires. Jaehwan's slightly absent-minded answers, which mostly ended with him trailing off tangent, induced much laughter from the audience. The former Wanna One member revealed his love for swimming, even crediting his broad shoulders and lean physique to his previous swimming endeavours. He cheekily demonstrated the butterfly stroke on-stage, rousing fervent squeals from below.

Kim Jae Hwan proved to be quite the spontaneous entertainer as well. Singaporean fans should be able to remember several hilarious moments, such as when the confetti cannon unexpectedly launched streamers everywhere. In response to this, Kim Jaehwan jumped up from his seat and dashed in front, wittily yelling "Congratulations!" Moreover, when he noticed that his guitar was reflecting a piercing ray of light, he decided to comically shine it towards the front-row audience, thereby sharing intimate moments that no WIN:D will ever forget.

However, his jocular demeanour immediately transformed into the sentimental heartthrob we all knew and loved as soon as he started singing once more. Hearts swelled as he serenaded everyone with "Love You Still" and "Knocking on Heaven's Door". During "My Star", the LED screen behind him lit up with a galaxy of stars as fans soaked in the dream-like atmosphere and focused their eyes on the brightest star at the centre of the stage.

As Kim Jae Hwan went backstage for a quick change of attire, WIN:Ds were entertained by the interactive game, filling the room with gasps of "HU" and "HA" as a pixel version of Kim Jae Hwan avoided obstacles and scaled heights in an arcade-like game on the screen.

Clad in a more casual get-up of blue and pink, Kim Jae Hwan belted out his own rendition of "Sorry Not Sorry", with flashy dance moves to match as well. Singaporeans WIN:Ds were definitely in for a treat that night, as their male idol readily agreed to act out CFs for our local childhood delicacies, namely - Ice Gems and Kaya. Slightly awkwardly, Kim Jae Hwan attempted to charm the audience.

"Sweet!" "Very Sweet!" he exclaimed with zest.

The final treat for the Singaporean fans was a sexy version of "Happy Birthday" that included seductive gazes and touches. As Kim Jae Hwan mentioned that this song was meant for fans that were born in July, everyone in the audience miraculously claimed to be July babies. The sea of raised hands caused the idol to chuckle.

The first fan-meeting ended on an emotional note as Kim Jae Hwan sang his title song "Begin Again", his raw yet skilful voice leaving everyone utterly speechless. This was indeed a night to remember, as every single fan in the room were surprised with the opportunity to hi-touch Kim Jae Hwan, who stood by the exit and waved everyone goodbye. This fan-meeting proved that Kim Jae Hwan is not only a vocal legend but also the king of fan service!

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