MYTEEN Disbands Two Years After Debut

Two years after they were launched into the K-pop music scene, K-pop troupe MYTEEN has finally announced their disbandment.

In a letter posted by leader Eunsu on Instagram on August 21, announced the members of the group will now "be going [their] separate ways."

He admitted that he is still confused as to what message will he be saying to the boy band's fans collectively You"th.

Debuting in 2017 under The Music Works Entertainment, Eunsu nonetheless stated that what the group has gone through are all wonderful memories. "To achieve our goal of debuting, we've met a lot of great people and pulled several all-nighters together," he recounted.

Originally a septet, MYTEEN's first line-up was composed of him, Taevin, Chunjin, Kookheon, Junseop, Yuvin, and Hanseul. Taevin departed from the group in 2018. Since their debut, they have released two EPs -- "Myteen Go!" (2017) and "F;UZZLE" (2018).

In his letter, he also expressed the difficulties he had gone through during their inactive period.

"With all honesty, it was difficult for me to go through long periods of inactivity. But thanks to You"th who have cheered us from far away, I was able to endure it... I also feel apologetic for not spending more time with our fans. I and the members should've shown You"th more sides of ourselves more often," he confessed.

On the same day, MYTEEN's agency also released an official statement confirming the disbandment.

"We've held discussions with each member, and the final decision was to officially end the group's two years of activities as of August 21, 2019," the company remarked.

Music Works also used the opportune time to thank MYTEEN for the trust they've given to the company. They further assured that they will be there to "fully support each member's future direction."

They also thanked the fans for their support, asking them to continue to show their love for the members.

By the 24th, Yuvin and Kookheon will be launched as a duo, as confirmed by Music Works. The two K-pop idols recently took part in the survival show "Produce X 101."

They are also set to hold an intimate fan meeting on August 31 at the Kyunghee University. 

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