BTS, 7 People 7 Different Airport Fashion and Natural Charm with their Unique Sense

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The group BTS ending its first long vacation and embarking on a schedule, it has revealed its all-around charm.
BTS completed its overseas schedule on Monday morning and entered the country via Incheon International Airport.

Most of the BTS members covered their faces with masks and hats due to their long flights, but they showed off their natural and witty fashion at the airport.

Jin showed off his casual fashion in a long blue jacket, white t-shirt, black pants, and slippers. In particular, he caught the attention of the public for his shining looks even in his hat.

Jungkook, who entered the country with a mask covering his face, also smiled slightly. He wore a black padding jumper, a dark gray man-to-man t-shirt, and comfortable pants.

RM showed up at the arrival hall, covering his face with a hat and mask. He wore a khaki t-shirt and a patchy coat to show off his unrivaled airport fashion.

Suga made an appearance in a natural jumper and drew attention by wearing a unique yellow sunglass and hairband to give him a 'hip' fashion.

Jimin was also seen wearing comfortable knitwear, a bucket hat, and covering his face slightly. He covered his face with a hat and a mask but showed off his signature fashion by wearing a white shirt and a vest.

Also, J-Hope wearing a bucket hat and a mask, showed up in an ivory cardigan, drawing attention with his natural charm.

Meanwhile, BTS took an official long-term vacation on August 11 for about a month and began to work on its schedule by leaving the country on a plan after a holiday on September 16. Since then, BTS will hold a concert at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on October 11 (local time). 


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