Family, Friends, And Fans Bid Their Last Goodbye to Sulli

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Sulli's family and her friends have recently said their farewells to the f(x) member as Sulli's coffin finally left for her burial on October 17. Meanwhile, the funeral of Sulli was decided to become private where her family and close friends know. Based on the people that are close to Sully, they said that the coffin where Sulli was placed already left in the hospital early morning yesterday for final burial, following to the four-day funeral and mourning ceremony at a Seoul hospital.

However, SM Entertainment was the one who decided to make the actress' funeral private. The press was not also allowed to go inside of the funeral of Sulli, however, the family of the actress and her co-workers in the industry was really having a hard time to accept what happened to the actress.

The family members, on the other hand, were requesting for a public memorial so that the fans and other co-workers of Sulli can able to say their last goodbye to the late actress.

It can also be seen that the co-members of Sulli in the Korean girl group, f(x), Victoria, Amber, and Luna attended to the funeral and didn't leave Sulli's side as they said their farewell to Sulli.

Victoria stopped the project that she is filming in China upon hearing the sad news that happened to Sulli while Aber flew to came back to South Korea from the U.S. and stop all her schedules to attend the funeral.

One of the close friends of Sulli, Goo Hara can also be seen at the funeral of the actress. The boy band SuperM, on the other hand, canceled all their performances and music releases to attend the funeral of Sulli.

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