iKON B.I Negative Illegal Drugs Tests

iKON B.I Negative Illegal Drugs Tests
iKON B.I Negative Illegal Drugs Tests(Photo : google)

K-Pop idol , iKON B.I Negative from Illegal Drugs Tests. The police have officially revealed that the singer and rapper underwent several drug tests and found negative. News Outlet Sports World said that the results of the tests were handed over by Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Agency.

Body hair samples of iKON B.I were used by the National Forensic Service and declared that there are no traces of illegal drugs that are present. "It is true that the drug test result is negative," said by one of the authorities interviewed.


A scandal came out when iKON B.I was under inquiry by the police due to some accusations that he bought marijuana in 2016 through an acquaintance. He even confessed to a few of the allegations thus turning him as a suspect.

iKON B.I or Hanbin in real life could finally say that his name is now clean since the negative results of his drug tests would testify that he is drug-free. It was remembered that for several months since the accusations of him taking prohibited drugs, it caused him to leave from iKON.


It was remembered the middle of 2019, fans were devastated that singer and rapper iKON B.I is leaving the K-Pop group and consequently YG Entertainment. Dispatch a Korean tabloid magazine made the news that the K-Pop idol was purportedly caught to procure marijuana and LSD in the year 2016.

He even asked for an apology for such deed and reasoned-out why he was moving away from his boy band. In his official statement, he said sorry for such inappropriate behavior he exhibited. He even mentioned how embarrassed he was towards fans and other members of iKON.

Due to this, fans have flooded support for iKON B.I. Negative drug test results report, which made his avid followers rejoice and celebrate for such wonderful deliverance. On twitter #HelloHanbinIsFree became a trending topic. This shows that Hanbin's fans have always wanted to have him back.

YG Entertainment's name has been dragged to scandalous accusations such as prostitution and drugs. This led to the resignation of Yan Hyun-suk as the CEO. However, it is still unquestionable that their K-Pop groups are currently invading international stardom like BLACKPINK.

Is he coming back?

Currently, iKON released their mini-album "i DECIDE" which has some tracks that Hanbin participated. In an official statement of YG Entertainment, it says that it is supposed to be released in the middle of last year, but, due to some issues faced by the group related to B.I they have postponed it. Now that, iKON B.I Negative drug tests results finally came out, is he officially coming back for good? Fans are still waiting for further announcement. 



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