5 Korean On-Screen Couples Who We Wish to Date in Real Life

5 Korean On-Screen Couples That You Wish to Date in Real Life
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Idols have also decided to step on the limelight and continue their careers as they step on the acting industry. During this experience, a lot of fans decided to cheer for every couple, saying that they work for each other. And so, here are some on-screen idol couples that surely appear that they are fit to be real lovebirds.

1. Block B's P.O. and Gugudan's Mina   

Broadcasted in October, KBS2's 'Happy Together' featured guests from the cast of tvN's 'Hotel Del Luna' actors such as Block B's P.O., Gugudan's Mina, Bae Haesun, Jung Donghwan, and Nam Kyungeup. On the show, P.O. talked about his kissing scene with the actress. The actor said it was his first kissing scene and added, "I was really looking forward to it, plus I was nervous, too." 

They got asked how they handled the scene because of their height difference. The actress responded with, "P.O. is tall, and I am quite shorter than what people think. P.O was tall so I ended up kissing him on the jaw. I need to adjust a bit more or stand on a box." The fans liked that scene so much.

2. SF9's Rowoon and Kim Hyeyoon    

Kim Hyeyoon and Rowoon sparked an explosive response with their first heart-throbbing kiss in 'Extraordinary You'. In the MBC arboretum drama, which aired on May 31, the love lines of Rowoon and Kim Hyeyoon lit up again.

The sweet scenes of Kim Hyeyoon and Rowoon, who are getting closer as they cultivate their hearts towards each other, were followed by heartbeating. Upon returning from searching for all his earlier lost memories, Rowoon also created a tense tension by saying to Kim Hyeyoon's fiance, Lee Jaewook, 'If I like it, Eun Dano.'

The ending scene was created to increase the heart rate of the viewers where Kim Hyeyoon, who promised to meet Rowoon in front of a 300-year-old tree on the campus. Kim, who finally found freedom, ran towards the place she had pledged to Rowoon, and the two who finally reached out carefully kissed each other in a loving gaze. Kim Hyeyoon was flustered and tried to back down as her heartbeat began to pound as she was especially surprised by the kiss. This scene boosted the excitement and completely captivated the viewer's audience.

3. ZE:A's Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young

The phrase "the honey is falling from the snow" seems to be the best fit for this young man these days. 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' depicts a powerful woman and the romance between Do Bongsoon, which is played by Park Bo Young, the game company's CEO Ahn Minhyuk, which is represented by Park Hyungsik, who was born with enormous wealth. When asked how he felt about the ending, he said, "I felt a lot of pressure because it was my first series that I was able to work with Bo-young and film comfortably." The acting was like a "real-life relationship," so there were also hopes that the two would actually date.

"I was amazed at how she could do that," he said. "She's like a teacher to me. I leaned on Bo Young as if I were an immature child, and she encouraged me, saying, "Do whatever you want to do," and "Don't try to feel pressured by yourself." When he was asked if he was really excited, he told a story full of affection for Park, "I've never seen anyone so lovely. Even the air is a heart for Bo Toung. Everyone's eyes were filled with hearts just by appearing on the show.

4. Kim Minjae and So Jooyeon

The popularity of the syndrome-like demand does "not feel right," Kim Minjae said on the success of 'Dr. Romantic Season 2.' Kim Minjae played the role of Park Euntak, a nurse at Doldam Hospital, following season 1. Although there has been no noticeable change from season 1, the love line with Yoon Ahreum, which is played by So Jooyeon was drawn, showing off his presence. Kim Minjae lavishly praised So Jooyeon, who played the love line together, saying she is a friendly and warm person and an impeccable actress who cares a lot and sympathizes well with the other person's feelings.

In particular, Kim Minjae made a lot of headlines by releasing a video of the 'Any Song' challenge with So Jooyeon. "I always liked to dance and sing together, so I thought it'd be fun to film it together," he said shyly, explaining the behind-the-scenes story. Kim Minjae, who said an essential thing in the melodramatic acting, is the eyes, "We are just close to each other when it comes to the possibility of the actual development of So Juyeon as lovers. Rather than drawing a line, she was a perfect partner," he explained. 

5. ASTRO's Yoon Sanha and AOA's Chanmi

ASTRO's Yoon Sanha began his acting career after being cast as the male lead in the web drama 'Love Formula 11M'. In the web series, Yoon Sanha plays the role of Tae Oh, a pure-hearted man who can't forget Jiyoon, a soccer genius girl who had a crush on him when she was young. Tae Oh is a leading striker in a college soccer club, receiving love from female college students. They fatefully meet one day and learn about the feelings of love.

Director Lee Eun-il, explaining why he cast Yoon San-ha, said, "I thought that Yoon's boyish fresh mask would express the freshness of young love and the sadness of love that is full of love."

Yoon Sanha is the youngest member of ASTRO and is loved by many for his cute but outstanding stage manners and sweet voice. Among them, Cha Eunwoo and Moonbin, followed by Yoon Sanha, expected to see new charms as he embarks on a full-fledged acting career through 'Love Formula 11M'.

The fans from both groups shared their excitement over the pair and remarkably got them shipped together.

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