Hanbin Releases 'Demo.2', Which Talks About Leaving and Moving On

Hanbin Released His "Demo.2": Talks About Leaving and Moving On
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The thirst for Hanbin content is over! On Sunday, March 8, the Korean singer-songwriter has dropped a demo song called 'DEMO.2' and fans of the former K-pop idol couldn't contain their happiness as they have heard the singer's voice once again after a long time. 

Hanbin, or popularly known as B.I, has breathed finally with an emotional song and lyrics after going on a hiatus since January. Through his SoundCloud, the former iKON leader revealed his second demo song showcasing his amazing voice, proving that he is indeed an all-rounder. 

Prior to this, he hinted his first demo song with a pending title 'DEMO.1', which is a gift to his fans who have been waiting for him after withdrawing from the group. As fans thought that he would be retiring from the music industry, they have shared and expressed their full support to Hanbin, and a fan account [at]HanbinBar even gifted the singer with music equipment to start his solo career. His first demo song has gained 1 million streams in just four days after its release, evidence that Hanbin's influence is no joke.

Meanwhile, fans of the singer-songwriter can't help themselves but feel mixed emotions while listening to their idol's voice. As it was sung in Korean, international fans became more emotional after knowing the translation and meaning of the song. 

"How are you doing?

I had forgotten about you while living on,

Then I am curious all of a sudden

If how are you doing.

You had such a hard time while you're with me, 

I want you to meet someone nice to put a smile on your face.

Now, if you ever left, I wish for your happiness.

But as I am greedy, I wished you are not doing well.

Telling me that you are okay,

Telling me that you are not okay,

Both news make my heart ache.

When you tell me you're doing well,

When you tell me that you are not doing well,

It's something that makes me tear up."

The lyrics of the song make Hanbin's fans think that it is a song meant for them and for his co-members as it talks about separation and moving on. Thus, the song might mean something else, his supporters expressed their thoughts through social media platforms.

Below are some of the fans' two cents about this surprise track.

"I just want you to know that we never left you. We're still waiting for your comeback."

"We will never leave you! Please return to us soonest."

There is no assurance whether Hanbin will make his return to the industry, but fans do believe that it could be sooner this year. And while fans anticipate his comeback, whenever he is ready, they will patiently stand by and wait.

Hanbin left YG Entertainment after being involved in an illegal drug case. Fortunately, just this March, he tested negative for drugs, which has been augmenting fans' hope that he will come back.



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