Headquarters of Central Defense Responds to Possible Sanction for Jaejoong After COVID-19 Joke

Headquarters of Central Defense Respond To Pursue Potential Sanction For JaeJoong's COVID-19 Joke
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The Central Defense Response Headquarters is currently investigating the possibility of punishing Kim Jaejoong for his April Fool's Day taunt on having Coronavirus (COVID-19). An official said, "We are still working to get Jaejoong to understand the current circumstance. It's fraught with false evidence and we're all debating how he'll be sanctioned."

Although cases involving prank phone calls to the lockdown authorities are liable to be prosecuted, this issue involves a personality who wrote something via social media. They'll need to look at this more closely before settling on something.

Previously, during a meeting, the Central Disaster Safety Response Headquarters coordinator confirmed that while April Fool's Day is a common phenomenon in the West, now isn't the time to call or do something that can create confusion in this very crucial period. He had called on people to refrain from making prank calls.

Headquarters of Central Defense Respond To Pursue Potential Sanction For JaeJoong's COVID-19 Joke
(Photo : Twitter)

While Jaejoong did not make a prank phone call straight to the headquarters, he was a personality with major social influence and the publishing of false information publicly can have a big impact.

According to current law, if anyone misleads a public official or a national organization that could threaten their work, they will be sent to imprisonment for no longer than five years, or a penalty not exceeding 1000 won.

Jaejoong has recently faced several backlashes lying about being infected by coronavirus on April 1st. Shortly after admitting his "diagnosis" was a prank, he explained he wanted to make people more mindful that protecting oneself also means protecting the ones you love.

Headquarters of Central Defense Respond To Pursue Potential Sanction For JaeJoong's COVID-19 Joke
(Photo : Twitter)

He also said he would accept all the sanctions concerning his deeds. He has also posted a statement of apology to those upset online and is battling against COVID-19.

His full statement reads:

"I agree that my behavior was something I shouldn't have done. Firstly, I would like to apologize to all those who have suffered from COVID-19 and also to those in the operational fields disturbed by my social media message.

Bad Judgement.

Recognition of the threats and the countermeasures are taken as a result of the virus outbreak. I decided to communicate a message alerting people to reduce the number of people infected by the virus. It's scary to think you can build preemptive cases of second and third parties due to restricted spaces. Even though the warm spring had begun, schools and outdoor pursuits were held back.

My dad had lung cancer surgery recently, too, and he's been at the hospital for quite some time. While I was there, I have seen the doctors and the patients, and I felt a little angry, and I hoped people wouldn't think that the virus was somebody else's business, and I took it very seriously as if it were their business.

And so I decided to send a message to those who lived their day as usual without having to wear a mask and spend time outside. Even with the media and the internet continuously advising people to take precautions for the virus, there are always people who don't adhere to those instructions.

I decided to show those people who don't heed to the messages the risks of the current situation. I just want to say to them, "Please. Listen Please. Oh, oh. Please don't get sick and don't suffer from pain, please.

Verified cases of the virus also occur around me. This helped me to understand that this virus wasn't a distant story and my terror was expanded.

Reflecting on one's acts after someone's death will do nothing to help.

Though it may be stressful and challenging, let's bring together our efforts to resolve this tough time.

The previous post from earlier, though a bit overwhelming, has upset a lot of people and I have gained a lot of backlash for it. I had hoped that people would only get enough attention to grasp my story. I humbly apologize from the depths of my heart to all the state officials and medical personnel who are battling against this virus at the front lines as they try to resolve this tough situation."

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