Kim Sejeong Shares Words of Encouragement To Junior Artists + Reveals What Makes Her Happy

Kim Sejeong of Gugudan opened up about what gives her happiness in an interview and photo session with Grazia magazine. 

While she is still occupied with her campaigns for her first single mini-album "Plant," the idol-turned-actress looks forward to some spare time in the future because she can't get enough of her precious dog Doenjang (a name that translated into Korean "soybean paste").

"This is what makes me so happy these days," says Kim Sejeong, who identifies herself as "Doenjangie's mother" on her Instagram profile. 

(Doenjang also has her own Instagram page.) "I choose to spend more time with Doenjangie when these promotional activities are is over, going to the supermarket for snacks she likes or clothes."

Kim Sejeong has also disclosed that she has spent a lot of time providing guidance to junior performers. "I guess I offer my younger peers a lot of encouragement regarding their problems and issues," she stated. 

She went on, "When I offer advice, I'm the person that aims to be as objective as possible and to claim it as it is."

Kim Sejeong, born on August 28, 1996, is a South Korean artist and film star under Jellyfish Entertainment. In Produce 101, she was hailed as the top winner and eventually a prominent member of the I.O.I girl band, and now as a member of Gugudan and its Gugudan Semina subgroup. She was co-host of the Talents for a Sale Television program in 2016 and starred in Teen Drama, School 2017.

In April of 2016, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Seo-jin, and Noh Hong-Chul reported plans for the upcoming KBS Talents for Sale showcase. Sejeong didn't participate at I.O.I marketing activities in June of 2016, but instead concentrated on her comeback and her pro agency. She showed her abilities and gained her Variety Cheat Key's nickname.

Sejeong launched her solo track "Flower Way," created by Zico, including a music video, on November 23, 2016. Upon publication of the song, it topped seven global rankings, and on the November 30 episode of Show Champion, Sejeong won her first music show award as a solo singer.

Then, Sejeong sang "If Only" for the Korean series "The Legend of the Blue Sea" soundtrack on January 12, 2017. That month, she had become a regular MC for "Get It Beauty at OnStyle." In July 2017, she planned to take her first leading iconic appearance at the 2017 Ra Eun-ho KBS2 teenage drama "School." Ra Eun-ho, in July 2017. She performed "Star Blossom" with NCT's Doyoung for SM Station subsequently that year. It was announced in September 2017 that Kim would be a set member of the cast in the television program "Busted" on Netflix.

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