BLACKPINK Lisa's Ex-Manager Swindled 1 Billion Won From Her

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BLACKPINK's Lisa's former manager stole KWR 1 billion, or approximately USD 817,000, from the K-pop idol through fraudulent activities and gambling.

On June 2, YG Entertainment confirmed the news in a statement, saying, "As an outcome of an internal inquiry, we have concluded that Lisa had sustained fraud from former manager A. According to Lisa's purpose to have an amicable settlement, she wishes this to be addressed efficiently as he was a former manager she trusted. Mr. A has returned some, committed to a reimbursement plan, and has now decided to resign."

The agency added, "I sincerely apologize for the concerns our artists have caused the fans. We're really saddened by Mr. A's abuse of the artist's bond of trust, and we feel the duty of handling and monitoring again. We've formulated a strategy to prevent re-occurrence, so there will be no difficulties anymore."

Lisa had been scammed out of 1 billion won by her former manager A as per Market News' report. 

Mr. A was with BLACKPINK from their debut, as per a source, and he was a person who Lisa has trusted and depended on since she was a rookie. Even the agency and other BLACKPINK members had a strong sense of trust for him, which is why people had no idea about this. 

Mr. A has accepted money to manipulate this relationship and rationalize his way for Lisa to seek a real estate. Mr. A was spending all that money on addiction.

That being said, it's not an easy decision to make for Lisa to report outside. This is because it gets in the way with a range of matters, including the group's activities and their image.

BLINKS are mad because of what happened cannot contain their anger. Not long after, sentiments were conveyed on Twitter, while trending the hashtag #BLACKPINK, and also blamed YG Entertainment alongside the fraud manager for causing Lisa emotional pain. 

Below are the fans' comments: 

"We know Lisa's heart. It's not about the money but the betrayal she felt. She trusted and treated him as a brother, and this is just what he will do in return to her. He took advantage of her kindness. She must be so hurt rnLoudly crying face broken heart."

"LISA is so kind that she allowed the manager to create a repayment plan to pay her back the money instead of sending him to jail."

"YG has stated he is no longer in the company, and they're embarrassed that the manager did this, and they feel responsible for the staff."









"After seeing this.. I really can't believe this...I [thought] before that he's so very kind to Lisa that s why Lisa trusted him but at he is a better [be] in jail



A representative said, "Lisa is a foreign artist who has remained in Korea independently since she was young, so she is really susceptible to such issues. It's a shame that this is occurring in the industry. It's a critical problem that can break the reputation of Korean management."

The only thing that's left to Lisa is the burnt heart, in this or that case.

Meanwhile, Mr. A, who caused all this damage, was said to have quit and is in the process of leaving the company.

In the meantime, BLACKPINK aims to launch their first full-length album in September, along with a pre-release in June. The quartet has been reported to have finished the filming of their new music video and is currently in full preparations for choreography rehearsals. It's the first full album to come out since debuting after five years.



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