These Idols Looked Absolutely Stunning As Blondes

These Idols Looked Absolutely Stunning As Blondes
(Photo : EXO Suho | Red Velvet Wendy)

When an idol wants to spice up their visuals, the quickest and most effective way is by dyeing their hair. Among all the colors they can dye their hair, blonde is one of the more popular choices. While most people would have trouble digesting the color, these idols looked absolutely stunning as blondes.

1. Girls' Generation's Taeyeon

(Photo : pinktape)

Taeyeon has rocked blonde hair a number of times, including for when Girls' Generation promoted "Lion Heart" and for her solo debut with "I". With her snow white skin and her soft, gentle features, Taeyeon has proved on more than one occassion that blonde is definitely perfect for her.

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2. BIG BANG's G-Dragon

(Photo : Shinsegae Duty Free)

As most fans know, G-Dragon has dyed his hair numerous time, and he has pulled them all off effortlessly. But a crowd favorite was when G-Dragon rocked blonde, almost platinum hair. The idol rocked this look back in 2013 as the group promoted "Crooked", and he definitely pulled of the edgy rocker concept to a T.

3. Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung
(Photo : Monkey)

While Jessica Jung is mostly known for her caramel brown hair, fans adore when the idol went blonde! Fans first saw Jessica with blonde hair while she promoted with Girls' Generation, often sporting dirty blonde hair with bangs. SONEs saw her with more bright blonde hair when she acted in the musical "Legally Blonde". Now, the singer tends to stick with her browns but is still often seen switching back to dirty blonde. We love it both ways!

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4. WJSN's Bona


When Bona rocked blonde hair during WJSN's more cute concepts, it suits her visuals well. It framed her small face, complimented her skin tone, and overall made her look more adorable and more youthful then she already does. Fans say that the eras that she rocked blonde hair were truly a blessing, and they hope she rocks it again soon!

5. EXO's Suho

(Photo : Handsome Cotton)

Suho first rocked blonde hair in 2014. It was a refreshing look, as for all the comebacks and releases prior to "Overdose", he had only dyed his hair brown of black. Ever since then, fans think that blonde is the hair color that suits him perfectly, as it makes him look like a prince. Though he hasn't rocked it for a comeback's music video or teasers, he often makes the switch to blonde mid-promotions. Still, it's been a hot minute since the idol rocked the color. Suho, bring back the blonde soon, please!

6. Red Velvet's Wendy


Wendy first went blonde in 2015 alongside her other members for their "Ice Cream Cake" promotions. At the time, most people thought they all looked adorable as they had matching hair colors. When Wendy rocked blonde again in 2019, however, she blew people away with her stunning visuals. With her fair skin and charming smile, she looked like an actual princess with blonde hair!

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(Photo : Riso Wollim)

Ever since his debut until now, DAWN has rocked blonde hair. He has rocked both the dirty blonde hair and the platinum look, and he has sucessfully rocked both. The idol has gentle features and a small face, so the blonde hair makes him look adorable. With his unique aura, however, he can easily switch to edgy in a snap.

Who is your favorite K-pop blonde? Tell us in the comments below!

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