These Male Idols With Pink Hair Look Like Walking Cherry Blossoms

These Male Idols With Pink Hair Look Like Walking Cherry Blossoms
(Photo : BTS JImin | EXO Baekhyun)

"Cherry blossom petals flowing in the spring wind." Doesn't it sound beautiful? Though spring has come and gone, many people continue to look forward to seeing the trees bloom with cherry blossoms, lighting up the streets pink. After all, staring at cherry blossoms can help someone embrace the warmth of the season.

While you wait for spring to return once more, why not take a look at these idols who, when they dyed their hair pink, were actually walking cherry blossoms? Showing off their beauty with the hard-to-pull-off hair color, let's meet the five male idols who transformed themselves into cherry blossoms with their hair!

1. BTS's Jimin

(Photo : Minangel)

Worldwide superstar BTS member Jimin shocked fans with his upgraded visuals when he dyed his hair pink. The idol dyed his hair pink when the group promoted "Spring Day" and "Not Today", and then dyed his hair that color again as the group promoted "Love Yourself: Her". In 2019, Jimin was spotted with long hair again when the boys had a concert in Nagoya. He again rocked the pink 'do for the concept photos of "Map of the Soul: Persona". Many agree that rocking pink hair allows his fair skin tone to stand out more.

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2. WINNER's Mino

(Photo : WINNER's 2018 Welcoming Collection)

Mino, who is already famous for his unique fashion sense, caused heads to turn when he dyed his hair pink - direction flamingo pink, which is also known as carnation pink, to be exact - back in 2018 for WINNER's "EVERYDAY" promotions. When he had the iconic hair color, he was able to match his fashion accessories and clothing with his locks. Fans were able to see more of pink-haired Mino on tvN's "New Journey to The West" at the time, showing off his boyish charms.

3. Park Jihoon

Park Jihoon
(Photo : EYES, NOSE, LIPS.)

Park Jihoon first dyed his hair pink as he promoted with Wanna One. Fans agree that the color definitely matched the idol's cute appearance, with some even calling him "Apple Jihoon" or "Cherry Jihoon"! When he rocked light pink hair, Jihoon was able to fully showcase his doe-like beauty. In a poll by IDOLCHAMP, Park Jihoon was voted as the idol who suited pink hair the best!

4. EXO's Baekhyun

(Photo : NO, LIMIT.)

Baekhyun first surprised fans with pink back in 2015, surprising fans with an Instagram update of his new hairdo. Since then, he has dyed it pink on numerous occasions. In 2018, he dyed his hair pink for EXO-CBX's comeback promotions, and he dyed it pink again in 2019 for EXO's concerts. With pink hair, Baekhyun was able to show off his fresh, boyish charm. With sparkling eyes and good features, the pink hair pulled everything together and made the idol look like he came straight out of a manhwa.

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5. WINNER's Hoony


Hoony dyed his hair pink in 2018. Unlike Mino, Hoony sported a bright pink which almost tethers to the purple territory. Despite such an avant-garde color, Hoony digested the color perfectly well, which surprised fans. With his pink hair, he made the hearts of fans skip a beat, as the color paired with his distinct features was absolutely perfect.

Know any other male idols who rocked pink hair? Tell us in the comments below!

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