These 15 K-Pop Vocalists Have The Best Vocal Tone, According to Netizens

EXO D.O, SNSD Taeyeon, and BTS Jungkook
(Photo : EXO D.O, SNSD Taeyeon, and BTS Jungkook)

These K-pop idols’ voices are truly mesmerizing! On an online Korean community site, K-netizens and fans discussed which K-pop singers and vocalists have the best vocal tone and/or which is really pleasant to hear.

According to them, the following Korean idols are the top-tier and can pull off any genre with their enchanting vocal prowess!

*Disclaimer: Idols were ranked in no particular order.

1. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

According to netizens, Taeyeon is the “Queen of OST,” and indeed one of the best vocalists of K-pop. Recently, the female idol released an OST for Korean Drama, “Do You Like Brahms?” titled “Kiss Me.”

2. IU

IU doesn’t have any bad songs! Whether she sings an old song, ballad, pop, trot, R&B, etc. the K-pop singer’s vocal tone is really comforting and relaxing. Also, her three-octave high notes must not be forgotten!

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3. Red Velvet Wendy

Wendy’s voice is full of emotion that it will hit you every time she’s singing. According to a fan, it’s the kind of voice that you will never get tired of listening to.


Rosé doesn’t only have one of the best vocal tones, but her vocal color is also unique. She barely has solo covers and songs, but her voice stands out the most when she’s singing, and her lines are hard to forget due to her voice.

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5. MAMAMOO Wheein

MAMAMOO is full of members who are vocal queens, but Wheein’s voice will strike you.

6. BTS Jungkook

Jungkook is a multi-talented idol who has the visual, good at dancing, and natural singing talent. “I especially love his cover of 10,000 hours,” said a fan. The idol's voice is so relaxing, and pleasing to the ear, that once you heard him sing for the first time, you'll eventually seek for more. (Jungkook solo album, please!)

7. BTOB Sungjae

Sungjae is one of the greatest singers. Aside from hitting high notes, his ballad singing voice will reach your inner emotions.

8. BTOB Changsub

Well, when it comes to the best vocalists, Changsub will always appear! According to fans and netizens, they all agree that Changsub’s songs and vocals complete their days as K-pop fans.

9. SHINee Onew

SHINee members have all unique voices that made them shine equally as a group, but individually, netizens claimed that Onew’s voice will always be remarkable and once you heard it, you won’t ever forget the calmness, light, happiness, and healing that you will feel.

10. EXO D.O

D.O’s voice carries several emotions and feelings! When he sings, it is low yet heavy, soft but intense, and even if he sings light songs, you will find yourself becoming immersed in the song and to his voice. “It’s just powerful yet calm, it’s hard to explain,” says other fans and netizens.

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11. SEVENTEEN Seungkwan

Seungkwan’s voice is one of the best! He has this special husky voice that is really wide but high-pitched. You will eventually fall in love with him once you hear him sing.

12. NCT Haechan

Netizens’ described Haechan’s voice as, “a fresh dew on the grass of a calm lake.” He has the hopeful voice that will linger to your ears once you try to listen to his voice. In addition to this, even if you don’t know the song, you will know it’s Haechan’s singing due to his unique voice.

13. WINNER Kang Seungyoon

Seungyoon’s voice can make you fall in love with him more or breaks your heart because of his emotional voice. When he’s singing, your heart will definitely be moved.

14. AKMU Lee Suhyun

Suhyun’s voice is iconic! She can sing any kind of genre, and her voice can blend well with any kind of instrument. “Suhyun is the genre herself.” Along with her brother, Chan Hyuk, you can hear that her voice is one with the rhythm of Chanhyuk’s guitar.

15. Super Junior Kyuhyun

Last but not the least, Kyuhyun’s voice is legendary! Once he sings, he can bring you into a different dimension and let you feel the emotion of the song’s story. Even if you can’t understand Korean, his transparent voice will pass unto you the feelings of the song.

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