WINNER Mino’s Painting To Be Exhibited At Saatchi Gallery In London

(Photo : YGE)

WINNER's Song Mino will be having his painting exhibited in the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London, thus achieving a remarkable feat in the art world.

The Saatchi Gallery is a London gallery for contemporary art, opened by Charles Saatchi in 1985 to exhibit his public collection. It has occupied different premises, first in North London, then the South Bank by the River Thames, and finally in Chelsea, its current location. Charles Saatchi's collection-and hence the gallery's shows- had distinct phases, starting with US artists and minimalism, moving to the Damien Hirst-led Young British Artists, followed by shows purely of painting, and then returning to contemporary art from America in USA Today at the Royal Academy in London. A 2008 exhibition of contemporary Chinese art formed the inaugural exhibition in the new venue for the gallery at the Duke of York's HQ.

In 2019, Saatchi Gallery transitioned to becoming a charitable organization, relying upon private donations and public support to continue its mission to provide an innovative platform for contemporary art and culture. The gallery remains committed to supporting artists and rendering contemporary art accessible to all.

On his official Instagram account on the 18th of October 2020, Mino uploaded two photos on his Instagram captioned with 'Saatchi.' On the 19th of October, Mino posted more pictures of his art being transferred to the gallery. The post had hashtags under it such as, "#Korean Eye #STARTNET #Saatchi."

His painting is to be exhibited through the "STARTNET Korean Eye 2020" project, and it is known that it is the first time that a Korean singer's painting is being displayed in the Saatchi Gallery.

(Photo : Instagram)

Song Mino said of his works, "I tried to express momentary emotions that cannot be expressed in words using the harmony of shapes and colors." He also added that, "I felt that language could not function properly in these days. Our feelings that are buried and hidden are simple. I wanted to create another form of communication that can be expressed through a distorted shape."

Mino took his first step as a formal artist by participating in the special exhibition "SEEA (Special Exhibition for Emerging Artists)" for young artists held at Seongnam Art Center Gallery 808 in December last year. We heartily congratulate Mino for his achievement!



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