JYP Entertainment Gives Short Comment on TWICE Chaeyoung's Dating Rumors

JYP Entertainment Gives Short Comment On TWICE Chaeyoung Dating Rumors

On Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020, TWICE member Chaeyoung was embroiled in dating rumors after netizens shared alleged proof of the idol dating a tattoo artist. Now, JYP Entertainment has given a short comment concerning the rumors. Keep on reading to find out what the company has to say.

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According to XportsNews on Friday, Nov. 6, 2020, JYP Entertainment says that they have no stance on the idol's rumored relationship, neither confirming nor denying if the rumors or true.

"We do not have an official stance regarding Chaeyoung's dating rumors," says the company.

On Nov. 6, 2020, Chaeyoung was embroiled in dating rumors, with netizens claiming she is dating popular tattoo artist Chimhwasa, whose real name is Jung Sung Hyun. He is in his 30s, while Chaeyoung is 22-years-old in South Korea and 21-years-old internationally.

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Rumors started going around after a netizen shared a photo of two people shopping at a grocery and claimed it was Chaeyoung. Though their faces are not seen, people are claiming the girl in question is Chaeyoung due to the fuzzy white hat. Previously, Chaeyoung showed a hat identical to that during TWICE's appearance on MBC's 'Radio Star'. During the show, she even said that was her favorite hat.

TWICE Chaeyoung Rumored To Be Dating A Tattoo Artist
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Since then, netizens have gone sleuthing on Chimhwasa's Instagram page, which is now deleted. There, fans found obscene drawings of women on his account. One drawing featured a girl with a mole on the left side of her face, just like Chaeyoung does.

TWICE Chaeyoung Rumored To Be Dating A Tattoo Artist
(Photo : Pann Nate)
TWICE Chaeyoung
(Photo : Pann Nate)

Fans also spotted Chimhwasa wearing a ring that is nearly identical to Chaeyoung's, prompting people to speculate that the two are wearing couple rings. Netizens also noticed that Chaeyoung's brother was following Chimhwasa up until his account was deleted.

TWICE Chaeyoung
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Some netizens claimed to have seen the couple out and about. One even expressed shock at how the couple was so open about their relationship despite Chaeyoung being an idol from a top girl group.

People are saying that they do not care if she dates, but that they do not like who she is dating. Netizens have claimed that the tattoo artist has cursed and threatened netizens who sent him direct messages concerning his relationship with the idol.

Fans are also saying that he has threatened to release footage of Chaeyoung while she is drunk. He has allegedly told people that if fans and netizens continue to bother him, he will leak the footage. This could seriously slander her reputation, as well as the reputation of TWICE.

TWICE Chaeyoung Rumored To Be Dating A Tattoo Artist
(Photo : Pann Nate)

Many netizens are wondering why Chaeyoung is dating a man who has allegedly done such things. Netizens are saying that, as an idol, she can meet and date any boy she wants and that she deserves someone with a good image and personality. People are saying that Chaeyoung deserves much better, and they are wondering why she made such choices in her love live.

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As of now, Chaeyoung has not commented on the rumors. What do you think of the situation?

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