How Did BillBoard Respond To BTS' Blackmailing Controversy & Claims of Cheating?

Headlines 09.07.17 | 04:17AM EDT

How Did BillBoard Respond To BTS' Blackmailing Controversy & Claims of Cheating?


G-Dragon Wrapped up in another Plagiarism Controversy?

Hot Issues 07.01.17 | 12:35PM EDT

G-Dragon Wrapped up in another Plagiarism Controversy?

Jackson's Dreadlocks Spark Backlash

GOT7’s Jackson Refusesing To Back Downing Following Dreadlocks Controversy On Pepsi Ad

Hot Issues 06.13.17 | 10:16AM EDT

Jackson Wang of GOT7 sparks a severe backlash from netizens after he was accused of being ignorant about cultural appropriation for styling himself with dreadlocks in a recent Pepsi ad.

How Ravi and Jellyfish Entertainment reacted to

How Ravi & Jellyfish Entertainment Reacted To 'BOMB' MV Controversy

Hot Issues 05.26.17 | 01:25PM EDT

Ravi's new song "BOMB" received a lot of controversy for improper scenes. He and his agency apologized to the public and edited the scenes.

Kim Jong Kook,

Kim Jong Kook Receives Backlash For Pointing Out Preference On Women, “Running Man” Viewership Ratings Hit Rock Bottom

Stars on TV / Movies 05.04.17 | 01:37PM EDT

There's a lot of things going on in "Running Man", and mostly it's not a good thing. After controversy with the new lineup, "Running Man" member, Kim Jong Kook sparks another controversy due to his sexist remarks.

Kim Hyun Joong

The Real Reason Kim Hyun Joong Holds Fan Meeting Amid DUI Scandal

Hot Issues 05.04.17 | 01:43PM EDT

Kim Hyun Joong decided to greet his fans at a fan meeting despite massive backlashes he received following recent DUI case.

Triple H's MV

Triple H’s ‘365 Fresh’ Music Video Has Netizens Concerned For Impacts On The Younger Audience

Trending News 05.03.17 | 11:46AM EDT

HyunA, Hui, and E'Dawn depicted troubled youngsters running away from their problems with a series of actions people may think as inappropriate. Yet, "365 Fresh" MV has been watch for over 2 million times since it was released on April 30.

‘Produce 101’ Season 2: Netizens Bash Trainee Kwon Hyun Bin Saying He Doesn’t Deserve Winning The Votes

Hot Issues 05.01.17 | 07:14PM EDT

YGKPLUS trainee, Kwon Hyun Bin receives backlash for his attitude and performance. The trainee responds to it by deleting his photos on Instagram.

Amnesty International Korea Is Boycotting K-Drama

The Real Reason Why Amnesty International Korea Hates K-Drama

Hot Issues 04.25.17 | 01:40PM EDT

Amnesty International Korea conducted a campaign to blast K-drama scenes displaying unacceptable behaviors towards females. Meanwhile, netizens are quite cynical about it, saying that it's an overreaction.

Oh My Girl, Lolita

Girl Group Oh My Girl Received Massive Backlash For Allegedly Exposing Lolita Concept

Hot Issues 03.15.17 | 10:36AM EDT

Controversy arises. Oh My Girl has been receiving strong criticism due to their stage outfits that allegedly expose Lolita imagery style.

‘High School Rapper’ Breaks Silence On Yang Hong Won’s Controversial Behavior

Trending News 02.23.17 | 08:06PM EST

Mnet has released an official statement regarding the contestant of "High School Rapper", Yang Hong Won who reportedly engaged in several crimes.

Love in the Moonlight

'Love in the Moonlight' star Kim Yoo Jung shares thoughts on controversial kissing scene with Park Bo Gum

Trending News 10.27.16 | 04:08PM EDT

The recently-concluded "Love in the Moonlight" drew in spectacular raves from both critics and viewers. However, there were a few scenes that had caused quite a stir particularly the kissing scene shared by Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung. Kim Yoo Jung speaks out on the issue.

Big Hit Apologizes for Controversy Over Misogynistic BTS Lyrics

Big Hit Apologizes for Controversy Over Claims Of Misogynistic BTS Lyrics

Headlines 07.10.16 | 09:33PM EDT

Fans claim that lyrics and tweets made by BTS objectify women.

EXID To Release Dance Version For

EXID To Release Dance Version For "L.I.E." Soon!

Headlines 06.08.16 | 04:41PM EDT

EXID's "L.I.E." music video has come under fire recently, due to suggestive sexual themes.

Tzuyu clothing controversy

JYP Apologizes For Tzuyu's Onstage Wardrobe Mishap

Headlines 03.17.16 | 02:47PM EDT

The incident occured during the March 13 episode of live music show Inkigayo

Produce 101 Under Fire For Illegaly Showing Contestants From Unregistered Agencies

'Produce 101' Under Fire For Illegaly Showing Contestants From Unregistered Agencies

Headlines 03.10.16 | 12:13AM EST

The girl group survival reality show has been caught up in another scandal.

JYP To Halt  Activities In China Due To Tzuyu Controversy

TWICE Halt Promotional Activities In China Due To Political Controversy Surrounding Tzuyu

Headlines 01.14.16 | 12:34PM EST

Rumors about the 16-year-old member of Twice have been spreading on Chinese social media, accusing the young singer of being pro-Taiwanese independence.

Facebook Messenger Application Controversy: Users Get Irritated For Being Forced To Download The Messaging App!

Trending News 08.11.14 | 11:49PM EDT

The new Facebook messenger application is now creating a massive controversy among Facebook users with the new requirement needed to read a message.

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