Staff Member Exposes Former Wanna One Lai Kuanlin’s True Character

Amid his smoking controversy and girlfriend rumors, a staff member exposed former Wanna One member Lai Kuanlin's real personality in a now-deleted social media post. Read more about it here.

On Tuesday, Nov. 24, Lai Kuanlin was caught in hot waters after footage of him smoking and spitting on the streets was posted onto Weibo, a Chinese social media platform. People were angered that the idol was spitting out the residue of his smoking onto the streets.

As the video started making its round online, Lai Kuanlin issued a short apology to his official Weibo account. In his apology, he said that he, as a public figure showed off wrong behavior. He says that he accepts people's criticisms against him and will learn from his mistakes to ensure that this will not happen again. 

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However, people were not happy with his apology. After releasing an apology, a fansite that expressed disappointment over his actions shared alleged proof of his supposed relationship. The fansite suggested that the photo is proof that Kuanlin and an unknown girl have a relationship. Besides, he uses a secret video to like his supposed girlfriend's TikToks, and more. 

Lai Kuanlin soon after released a handwritten apology on his Weibo. He once again apologized for the smoking controversy and made a short comment concerning the dating rumors. He denied being in a relationship and said that he would tell the fans first if he was in a relationship. He also states he is focused on his career.

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A staff member is now exposing Lai Kuanlin's true character. Though the post is deleted, it quickly spread among Chinese social media platforms.

The staff member exposed Lai Kuanlin for lying about not being in a relationship. They claim that during the time Lai Kuanlin was in a relationship, he had stated in an interview that he wanted to get married early. The staff member also claimed that Lai Kuanlin once showed up on set with kiss marks all over his neck and chest. The marks were later covered up with a scarf.

The supposed staff member also revealed that the claims Lai Kuanlin made in his lawsuit against CUBE Entertainment were all fabricated.

They said:

"Everything Lai Kuanlin said about how his contract was unfair were lies. The only person I feel bad for are his lawyers. They only found out about the truth during the trial. Think about it; why wouldn't a Cube artist be allowed to be active in China? In his lawsuit against the company, the claims are all fabricated. They are all lies."

Back in July 2019, Lai Kuanlin requested to terminate his exclusive contract with CUBE Entertainment. The claims in the lawsuit accused CUBE Entertainment of selling Lai Kuanlin's management rights to a third-party company without his nor his parents' consent. The lawsuit also stated that the company would schedule Lai Kuanlin for company-run activities without consulting him, which would conflict with his other activities.

The lawsuit between Lai Kuanlin and CUBE Entertainment is still ongoing. Currently, he is active as an actor in China under an agency he set up himself.

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