EXO Baekhyun Gives Sweetest Reply to a Fan Who Asked Him to Visit Her Workplace

EXO member Baekhyun proved he is a total sweetheart with his latest fan interaction on Twitter. Keep on reading to find out what happened!

On Friday, Nov. 27, a fan tweeted Baekhyun asking him to visit the burger joint she worked in located in Bucheon City Hall Station. The burger joint is called Jeilum. The fan then tells Baekhyun that if he were to visit the establishment, he will make a delicious burger for him! The fan also included a photo of a scrumptious-looking burger.

Fans were surprised when Baekhyun not only saw the tweet but actually replied to the fan! In reply to the tweet, Baekhyun clarified the burger joint's name - Jeilum Burger - and asked the fan what time she works there. 

The fan replied to him, telling him exactly when she works. "I work every day, from Monday to Saturday. Baekhyun, I worked every day... From 4 PM to 9 PM," she replied.

Baekhyun then replied to that tweet. His reply was sweet and simple, causing fans' hearts to flutter! He said, "I'll visit you. Please just wait."

He replied to that tweet once more with a screenshot of his Notes application. Baekhyun revealed to fans that he had placed the establishment's name, Jeilum Burger, where it is located, and what time the fan works. It looks like the idol is leaving a note to remind himself to visit the burger joint! 

The interaction between Baekhyun and the fan caused an explosive reaction with EXO's fandom, EXO-Ls. The conservation exchange was shared in numerous online community forums. The impact of Baekhyun and the fans' interaction caused the popularity of Jeilum Burger to skyrocket. After their Twitter exchange, the name of the burger joint ranked high on the real-time search chart of Naver.

Some people had stated that after the interaction, they had started ordering a lot of burgers from Jelium Burger. It truly shows Baekhyun's impact! 

Baekhyun is known as K-pop's "Genius Idol" due to his influence as a soloist and a member of two boy groups, EXO and SuperM. Earlier this year, it was announced that Baekhyun had become the first K-pop soloist to surpass one million album sales in 19 years for his extended play "Delight." Prior to that, he broke the record for highest pre-order sales by a soloist in South Korean history.

Earlier this year, Baekhyun's debut album "City Lights" sold over half-a-million copies in 2019. He broke the record for the highest sales by a solo artist in South Korea on the Gaon Music Chart. His debut album ended up being the best-selling solo album from a South Korean artist in 2010.

Currently, Baekhyun is active as a soloist and a member of the SM Entertainment supergroup, SuperM.

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Written by Alexa L.

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