BLACKPINK Jennie Retrieves Personal Instagram Account After Being Hacked for Two Months


On Monday, Nov. 30, BLACKPINK member Jennie posted an Instagram Story to her second Instagram account, @lesyeuxdenini. She revealed why it took her so long to post on the account and begged for people to respect her personal space.

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BLACKPINK's Jennie has two Instagram accounts. Her main account, @jennierubyjane, is used to share photos and selfies in line with her idol image. However, her second account, @lesyeuxdenini, was made for fans to take a look into her actual life. The idol opened the account in May 2019 and would post numerous photos every month to show fans photos she had taken during moments in her life.

She originally posted numerous photos on one day every month, giving fans a glimpse into Jennie's life. However, the idol suddenly stopped posting in July, leaving BLINKs wondering why she suddenly stopped. 

Now, the reason has been revealed. On Nov. 30, Jennie finally updated fans through her second account through an Instagram Story. The story is no longer available, so a screenshot has been included for reference.

In the 'Story,' Jennie reveals that she finally regained control of her account after two months. It turns out the idol had her account hacked and was fighting to restore access to it. She pleads with the hacker to no longer invade her personal space and to leave her alone.

After some digging, it was discovered that someone under the username @drakejaxz was the one who hacked Jennie's Instagram account. He previously shared videos to his Instagram Story of him at Jennie's account settings, something he would only be able to do if he had access to the account. He also sent these photos and videos to fans trying to help Jennie reclaim her account. 

He also shared that he has access to Jennie's Instagram account by revealing that he can edit her profile in any way he wants. The hacker also showed that he could change her password through the account settings. It is currently being speculated that the hacker was paid to hack Jennie's account. 

Fans have since gone to spread numerous hashtags to show their support for Jennie, such as "#WeLoveYouJennie," "#RESPECTJENNIE," and "JENNIE BEST GIRL." BLINKS are asking fans to report the account who has hacked Jennie. They are also using the hashtag to spread loving messages to Jennie, saying that they will continue to protect and support the BLACKPINK member. 

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Earlier this year, BLACKPINK released their first-ever full-length studio album, "THE ALBUM." Jennie was credited with co-writing the album's lead single, "Lovesick Girls." Other than her activities with BLACKPINK' Jennie's Instagram account was awarded as the "Most Loved Account of 2018" in South Korea due to the number of views her Instagram Story received and the number of likes her post garnered in that year. 

Currently, she is active as a member of BLACKPINK and has also debuted as a soloist with the single "SOLO" in 2018.

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