BTS Jungkook Tops Google's '100 Most Searched K-pop Idols 2020:' SEE FULL RANKING

BTS Jungkook Tops Google's "100 Most Searched K-pop Idols" 2020: SEE FULL RANKING
(Photo : Tzuyu, Jungkook, Lisa)

For this year's most searched K-pop idol on Google, BTS Jungkook, BLACKPINK Lisa, EXO Baekhyun, and many more topped the list!

According to the recently released ranking of "Top 100 Google Worldwide Most Searched K-pop Idols 2020," prominent K-pop stars such as members of BTS, Red Velvet, BLACKPINK, ASTRO, EXO, TWICE, and more made it to the top of the list. The ranking was based on Google Trends and statistics, wherein data were gathered from Jan. 1 to Dec. 25.

BTS Jungkook Reigns Among 100 "Most Searched K-pop Idols on Google"

BTS Jungkook Tops Google's
(Photo : Instagram)

Undoubtedly, the main vocalist and youngest member of the global group BTS came at No. 1 in the ranking with a 750.00 search index!

Throughout 2020, the male idol proved its popularity with its name always trending on numerous online Korean communities and social media platforms. This includes being the most searched Korean celebrity on YouTube and even on Google.

From Jungkook's birthday, tattoo, abs, Instagram, song covers, and more, K-pop enthusiasts are always focused on everything that has something to do with the male idol. Moreover, this 2020 has indeed been a great year for the idol, as he recently also bagged various titles including being the No. 1 "Hot K-pop 100," and "Sexiest Man Alive."

BTS Jungkook Tops Google's
(Photo : Twitter)

Meanwhile, other than Jungkook, BTS members topped the list as well - V, Jimin, and Suga ranked No. 2 to No. 4 respectively. As for Jin, RM and J-Hope, they entered the list at No. 7, No. 9 and No. 10 correspondingly.

100 Google Worldwide Most Searched K-pop Idols This 2020

  1. Jungkook BTS
  2.  V BTS
  3.  Jimin BTS
  4.  Suga BTS
  5.  Lisa BLACKPINK
  6.  IU
  7.  Jin BTS
  8.  Jennie BLACKPINK
  9.  RM BTS
  10.  J-Hope BTS
  11.  Jisoo BLACKPINK
  12.  Rosé BLACKPINK
  13.  Suzy Miss A
  14.  Irene Red Velvet
  15.  Eunwoo ASTRO
  16.  G-Dragon BIGBANG
  17.  Baekhyun EXO
  18.  Chanyeol EXO
  19.  Chen EXO
  20.  Tzuyu TWICE
  21.  Kai EXO
  22.  Hwasa MAMAMOO
  23.  Jackson GOT7
  24.  Taeyeon Girls' Generation
  25.  Jonghyun SHINee
  26.  Yoona Girls' Generation
  27. Sehun EXO
  28.  CL 2NE1*
  29.  Jaehyun NCT
  30.  Hyunjin Stray Kids
  31.  Momo TWICE
  32.  Taeyong NCT
  33.  D.O. EXO
  34.  Nayeon TWICE
  35.  Taemin SHINee
  36.  Joy Red Velvet
  37.  Sana TWICE
  38.  Suho EXO
  39.  Jihyo TWICE
  40. Sulli
  41.  Lucas NCT
  42.  Jaemin NCT
  43.  Somi IOI*
  44.  Heechul Super Junior
  45.  Mina TWICE
  46.  Jaejoong JYJ
  47.  Nancy Momoland
  48.  Seulgi Red Velvet
  49.  Dahyun TWICE
  50.  Rain
  51.  HyunA 4Minute*
  52.  Mark NCT
  53.  Zico Block B
  54.  BamBam GOT7
  55.  Jay Park 2PM*
  56.  Kang Daniel Wanna One*
  57.  Lay EXO
  58.  Chaeyoung TWICE
  59.  Bang Chan Stray Kids
  60.  Chungha IOI*
  61.  Felix Stray Kids
  62.  Jeongyeon TWICE
  63.  BoA
  64.  Hara Kara*
  65.  Sunmi Wonder Girls*
  66.  Ryujin ITZY
  67.  Yeonjun Tomorrow X Together
  68.  Kim Hyunjoong SS501
  69.  Yeji ITZY
  70.  Wonho
  71.  Jisung NCT
  72.  Haechan NCT
  73.  Doyoung NCT
  74.  Yeri Red Velvet
  75.  Siwon Super Junior
  76.  Park Jihoon Wanna One*
  77.  Sungjae BTOB
  78.  Yuta NCT
  79.  Wendy Red Velvet
  80.  Jinyoung GOT7
  81.  JB GOT7
  82.  Ten NCT
  83.  B.I iKON"
  84.  Minho SHINee
  85.  Lee Hyori FIN.KL*
  86.  Soobin Tomorrow X Together
  87.  Taeyang BIGBANG
  88.  Mingyu Seventeen
  89.  Xiumin EXO
  90.  Mark GOT7
  91.  Huening Kai Tomorrow X Together
  92.  Mino Winner
  93.  Krystal f(x)
  94.  Jungwoo NCT
  95.  Seungri BIGBANG*
  96.  Changmin TVXQ
  97.  Renjun NCT
  98.  Wonyoung IZ*ONE
  99.  T.O.P BIGBANG
  100.  Moonbyul MAMAMOO


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