New Girl Group TRI.BE Reveals Profile Images of All Seven Members

One of the first new idol groups scheduled to debut this year, Shinsadong Tiger x Universal Music Group's TRI.BE has officially released the first set of profile images of the members.

On Jan. 4, the profile photos of TRI.BE's four members were revealed through their official SNS account, starting with Jia and followed by Kelly, Mire, and Songsun. In the photos, the girls' sports outfits that stand out with vivid colors give off a feeling of innocence and charisma simultaneously.

The following day, profile images of JinHa, HyunBin, and SoEun were uploaded one at a time through the band's official SNS account as well. In the shots, the three ladies captured the public's attention with their unique styling and unparalleled visuals.

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TRI.BE is a new girl group co-produced by the well-known hitmaker Shinsadong Tiger and Universal Music Group, the world's leading record label. It is made up of seven members who combine skills with versatile talent, superior visuals, and distinct charm, which didn't fail to capture the public's attention.

TRI.BE is set to make its official debut in February, which many anticipate as their first song is being produced by Shinsadong Tiger, known for countless singles well received in South Korea and other countries around the world. A few of his works are HyunA's "Bubble Pop," T-ara's "Roly Poly," Apink's "NoNoNo," EXID's "Up and Down," MOMOLAND's "BBoom BBoom" and "BAAM," and many more.

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More Information about The New Girl Group, TRI.BE

TRI.BE is pronounced "try-bee" and is a combination of "triangle," which symbolizes perfection, and "be" which means "perfect existence." Considering that they are formed by a South Korean producer and an American record label, many are expecting activities both in Korea and the United States.

TRI.BE Songsun

Born on March 22, 1997, Songsun (birth name Kim Song Sun) is the girl group's eldest member. She is said to be part of the band's vocal line and is a former member of the pre-debut female act, Banana Culture Girls (Newkid).

TRI.BE Kelly

Kelly is the second eldest member and the only Taiwanese in the group, with her birth name being Lin Weixi. She is also one of the vocalists.

TRI.BE Jinha

Jinha (birth name Kim Jin Ha) is one of the dancers of the new Korean act. She trained for one year and six months.

TRI.BE Hyunbin

Like Jinha, 16-year-old Hyunbin (birth name Kim Hyun Bin) is amongst the dancers in the band. She is also a former member of the pre-debut group, Newkid.


Fifteen-year-old Jia is the only Chinese member of TRI.BE, having the birth name Guo Jia Jia. She is one of the vocalists.

TRI.BE Soeun

Soeun (birth name Bang So Eun) is the same age as Jia and is also included in the group's vocal line. She was also a trainee for a year and a half.


Fourteen-year-old Mire (birth name Soo Mi Rae) is the only Japanese member, the maknae (youngest), and part of the group's dance line.

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