J.Y. Park Unfollows GOT7 Bambam, Mark, and Jinyoung + Bambam Shades Him on Twitter

Amid reports that the GOT7 members may not be renewing their contracts with JYP Entertainment, the company founder J.Y. Park was recently caught unfollowing members Bambam, Mark, and Jinyoung on Instagram, as well as the official GOT7 account. Keep on reading to learn more.

On the evening on Wednesday, Jan. 6, numerous iGOT7's (also known as Ahgases, GOT7's official fandom name) has pointed out that J.Y. Park had unfollowed three GOT7 members - Mark, Bambam, and Jinyoung. He also unfollowed the official GOT7 Instagram account. He is currently only following Yugyeom, Jackson, and Youngjae. He had never followed JB on Instagram.


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As fans started sharing screenshots of J.Y. Park's following list, one tweet was able to reach GOT7 member Bambam. He replied to a fan's tweet with a GIF of a fictional character shrugging his shoulders with his hands up, showing his nonchalant reaction to being unfollowed by his company's founder.

After the unfollowing, Bambam was seen deleting old posts that featured J.Y. Park on his Instagram and Twitter. Even old posts, that were made years before, were deleted from his account. He was also seen unfollowing twelve accounts on Twitter and is no longer following the official JYP Entertainment Twitter. However, he is still following JYP Entertainment's Thailand branch on Twitter. He is also still following his fellow GOT7 members, 2PM's Nichkhun and Jun.K, and Jamie Park.


It was also noted that fellow GOT7 member Youngjae had gone on a massive unfollow spree on Instagram, where he had also unfollowed J.Y. Park. Currently, the only people Youngjae follows on the platform are his fellow GOT7 members and the official GOT7 account. He also deleted all his posts with J.Y. Park, including a video of a cover he did of one of the JYP Entertainment founder's songs.

J.Y. Park Unfollows GOT7’s Bambam, Mark, and Jinyoung + Bambam Shades Him on Twitter
(Photo : Youngjae Instagram)

On Wednesday, Jan. 6, it was reported by SPOTV that GOT7 member Yugyeom was planning to sign an exclusive contract with AOMG after his contract with JYP Entertainment expires this month. According to the report, Yugyeom had met with other agencies and was positively considering joining Jay Park at AOMG.

(Photo : Instagram)

JYP Entertainment released a statement saying that all the members are still in discussions concerning their contract and they are discussing various angles and options concerning a possible renewal. Nothing has been set in stone yet concerning their contracts, but they are also considering letting the members continue to work together as GOT7 in the future even if they chose to sign with different agencies.

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Back on Dec. 23, 2020, TV Daily reported that GOT7 member Jinyoung had several meetings with BH Entertainment and was positively considering signing an exclusive contract with them. The report stated that Jinyoung had met other members, but was positively considering BH Entertainment.

(Photo : Wikimedia Commons)

At the time, JYP Entertainment said they were still discussing possible outcomes with the members concerning the path they want to take with their careers and are still discussing contract renewals with not only Jinyoung but the other members as well. At the time, BH Entertainment said they had not heard anything about a contract, but did not deny having met with Jinyoung.

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