BTS Jimin is Truly 'Baby's Pick' Idol That Even Celebrity Babies Can't Help But Love Him!

BTS Jimin never fails to prove that he's a global star, being supported by numerous fans of all ages! See these cute babies who are already signaling their path as ARMYs! 

BTS Jimin, "baby's pick" idol? How?

On Jan. 18, Wednesday, "Penthouse" star and former S.E.S member Eugene captured the attention of K-pop fans after uploading photos of her youngest daughter, Lorin, dancing to a BTS song!

On her personal Instagram, Eugene said, "It's already been 8 months since our youngest member's dancing time~ #Please watch the dance. "Boy with Luv #bts imitating Jimin's dance."

In the photos, Lorin showcased her dancing skills she surely got from her former idol-actress mother while imitating Jimin's intro gestures and choreography in BTS's "Boy with Luv."

Jimin, the main dancer of the worldwide group BTS, is often referred to one of the "Dance Kings" for his incredible dancing abilities atop other idols. Undoubtedly, his graceful and elegant stage performances, along with his presence, don't only capture the teens and youth overall, but Jimin also stands out in the eyes of babies who are sensitive to visual stimuli -- establishing a mini-fandom comprised of cute babies!

Aside from baby Lorin, the youngest and only son of retired soccer play Lee Dong Gook, Sian, is actually a fan of the idol as well! During their previous appearances from the show "The Return of Superman," Sian was seen dancing to Jimin's part of BTS songs and even wore glasses to be "as cool" as Jimin.

Moreover, the children of broadcaster Do Kyung Wan and trot singer Jang Yoon Jeong's Yeonwoo and Hayoung are proving their love for Jimin to the next level, as they even visited a snack bar Jimin frequently visited before.

The older brother Yeonwoo also flexed his dancing skills as he covered Jimin's part in "Fire."

Another "The Return of Superman" babies, Naeun and Gunhoo, can't hide their love for Jimin as well, showing that they have been dancing to "Dynamite" a lot that they can easily dance to Jimin's part, recreating Michael Jackson's iconic hook dance step.

In addition to this, a TikTok video went viral as well on Jan. 5, showing that a baby only smiling during Jimin's solo part in "Dynamite," garnering massive positive reactions from online users.

Due to this, Jimin is being called now as "Baby's Pick" with how he spreads happiness to babies with his dancing, not to mention he has been healing babies with his vocals, too! A video of a baby crying finally sleeps well when they played Jimin's "Serendipity."

Jimin's healing voice and top-notch dancing skills are loved and lauded by both men and women of all ages, regardless of nationality.

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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