AOA Seolhyun Receives Hate Comments Following Her Instagram Return

AOA Seolhyun has recently made her return to social media, and many are not happy to see her.

On Jan. 20, AOA Seolhyun updated her Instagram account, making not one, not two, but three posts to celebrate the conclusion of tvN's "Awaken," in which she acted as a police officer, and also to express her gratitude to her fans and the viewers of the television show.

In her first Instagram post, she shared several photos of what seemed to be some behind-the-scenes images when she was filming the drama. Her second post shows short recordings of some of her parts in the program. Then, her last post displays the whole staff and her co-actors of "Awaken," together with a long caption.


These posts mark AOA Seolhyun's Instagram return and her very first social media update since the unexpected bullying controversy between her former band members, Jimin and Mina, last July 2020. In fact, her last Instagram post was in that month. At that time, Seolhyun received lots of malicious comments due to her indirect involvement in the scandal as she is Jimin's best friend. And now that she's back on social media, it appears some netizens are still not over the bullying controversy as they left hate comments under the post.

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Some users commented that she was quiet during Kwon Mina's issues and that she has not yet apologized to her bandmate. Others question her for being happy even after bullying Mina and asked her to not show her face again.

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While her Instagram return has been met with hate comments, Seolhyun still received lots of love and support from her fans, as well as from one famous girl group member, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon. The main vocalist commented, "It's nice to see you again" alongside a purple heart emoji.


Below is what AOA Seolhyun wrote in her Instagram post:

"Hello, I'm Kim Seolhyun who played Gong Hyewon in the drama 'Awaken.' We began filming last spring, and the last broadcast ended yesterday.

'Awaken' was meaningful to me in several ways.

I wonder how I would have spent this time without this work. I'm glad I got to play the role of Gong Hyewon, who is very brave. This drama and Hyewon gave me strength and became my driving force to live.

Every morning, I went to the production site with the desire to work hard together with all the hardworking staff. The reason why I was able to finish recording well is because of the patient and loving sunbaes, co-actors, producers, directors, and staff. I learned a lot, but most of all, I realized it was such a warm place to be. I want to take this moment to say thank you once again.

It was around this time last year that I formally first met this production. It has been a full year that we have spent this time together.

I want to take this time to tell Hyewon that she did great. When everyone suspected Do Jung Woo was the culprit, Hyewon was the only one who trusted Do Jung Woo. It took a long time before the truth came out. In a way, people might be unable to understand Hyewon's actions...however, I want to brag about Hyewon's loyalty. I will cheer on Hyewon until the very end.

To all those who watched 'Awaken' and loved Kong Hyewon, thank you so much. I know it's late but I also want to say Happy New Year. I hope that you all stay healthy!"

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