EXO Lay Rumored to be Dating an Actress, But His Fans are More Interested in His Cats — Here's Why

EXO Lay is allegedly dating the popular Chinese actress Yang Zi, but his fans were more interested in his cats more than the dating rumor! 

On Jan.22, Friday, the EXO member Lay Zhang and Chinese actress Yang Zi were caught in a bizarre dating rumor, when a random netizen claimed that the two personalities are actually dating.

EXO Lay and Yang Zi are Dating?

In particular, the dating rumor sparked when an internet user suggested that if a popular male star with a three-letter name and a female celebrity with a two-letter name will start dating in public, Weibo, the largest social media site in China will surely experience a great shock.

Fans and netizens are then surprised by the alleged rumor and started having their own speculations. Just then, another netizen claimed, "Zhang Yixing and Yang Zi are dating."

The rumor gathered various attention from fans, particularly K-pop enthusiasts as other than common events and invitations, they don't have any work together or any interactions that could put them into dating news. Also, no evidence could prove that they are in a relationship.

However, just to be sure, Xingmis (Lay fandom) contacted the singer's studio wherein they immediately got a response saying, " Not Dating. Currently single. Please anticipate Boss (Lay) upcoming activities."

The fan club and studio of the actress also responded, denying the rumor and affirming that Yang Zi is single as well.

Fans Discover Something About Lay's Cat Following Dating Rumor: What is it?

Meanwhile, unbothered fans are actually not shocked by the dating rumor of their idol, rather they were captured by the statement of Lay's studio about his cats instead!

Aside from the studio's response to Lay's fans, they also posted on their Weibo account saying, "Sorry, he only has three cats."

What is the deal in this statement is that many fans actually believed that Lay has only two cats! Thus, their interests are fixated if Lay could have possibly adopted another cat, without them knowing.

The funny thing is that instead of looking for dating proofs, the singer-idol's fans are more eager to look for evidence of his new cat!

On the other hand, the idol is currently promoting in China as a prominent mando-pop singer, actor, producer, dance mentor, etc.

In particular, Lay swept three awards from "Independent Music Producer" award including "Singer of the Year," "Top Singer of the Year," and "Album of the Year" for "LIT."

This year, K-pop fans are especifically anticipating if he will finally join the the group's 2021 comeback, after being MIA to their recent releases.

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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