WATCH: BLACKPINK Rosé Shares 'Coming Soon' Teaser Video + YG Entertainment Reveals It's a B-Side Track

BLACKPINK's Rosé heightened fans' excitement for her upcoming solo debut with a surprise "coming soon" teaser video!

On Jan. 25, YG Entertainment announced that Rosé will be singing her much-anticipated solo debut track for the first time at BLACKPINKs oncoming online concert, "THE SHOW," which will take place on Jan. 31. The record label shared that they considered her desire to perform her solo song for the fans before its official release since it has been a long time since she greeted and sang for BLINKs (BLACKPINK's fan club).

"Coming Soon" Teaser Video for BLACKPINK Rosé's Solo Track

While fans are already excited after YG Entertainment's announcement, the company excites them more with a "coming soon" teaser video that features the "Lovesick Girls" singer.

Dropped on Jan. 26, the clip runs for 33 seconds and started with a gloomy room where feathers fall to the floor. It then transitioned to Rosé lying in the middle of what seems to be a bathroom as there's a filthy bathtub, a sink, and cards scattered in one corner of the room.

The dramatic acting of the BLACKPINK member can also be noticed while the music plays in the background. With just three lines, "All my love is gone, all my love is gone, now you're dead and gone," it can be concluded that Rosé's upcoming solo debut track will be filled with sadness, which is probably caused by a breakup or any tragic or upsetting incident.

Toward the end of the teaser video, the words, "Rosé" and "Coming Soon" were displayed, and details for BLACKPINK's "THE SHOW" online concert were presented at the end, implying that the solo song will be premiered at the event.

YG Entertainment Shares Little Detail about the "Coming Soon" Teaser

Following the release of the teaser, YG Entertainment issued a short statement, unveiling that the video is meant for BLACKPINK Rosé's B-side track. This only means that fans can still look forward to the title song of a possible mini-album.


Well, YG previously shared that they are planning on launching multiple songs in an album format instead of just a digital single. YG's producer, Teddy Park, added that they are very selective in what music they release. Hence, these could probably be the reasons why Rosé's solo debut did not take place last year after BLACKPINK released their first full-length album.

Updates on BLACKPINK Rosé's Solo Debut

On Jan. 25, YG Entertainment shared that the music video for the title track upcoming album has been completed in the middle of January. The label added that they have invested a high amount in the production cost for the MV.

YG further stated that the solo debut track of BLACKPINK Rosé will "capture her sweet yet soulful vocals" and it will be significantly different from the released music of the girl group. And according to them, the official release schedule of the idol's work will be announced soon.

Are you excited about the performance of BLACKPINK Rosé's B-side track and her upcoming solo debut?

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