These K-pop Groups Have the Most Music Show Wins through the Years

As of January 2021, among idol groups that debuted since 1998 up to date, these 10 K-pop groups hold the record of having the most wins from music shows!

In the K-pop industry, there are five popular music shows -- "The Show," "Show Champion," "M Countdown," "Music Bank," "Show! Music Core," and "Inkigayo."

Through the years, the following acts entered the top 10 with most music show accumulated wins from the five shows, as of Jan. 29.

BTS, EXO, TWICE: Here are the 10 K-pop Groups with the Most Music Show Wins

[Disclaimer: The data is solely for group wins, which means solo member/unit wins were not counted.]

1. BTS (129)

The global group BTS is now the K-pop group with the most music show wins ever! As of December 4, they achieved their 118th win, breaking the former record of K-pop supergroup, EXO, after surpassing their 117 wins.

Their hit track, "Dynamite," became a huge factor to achieve the record, and despite being released in August, it continues to dominate music shows and charts till 2021.

Currently, BTS has a total of 129 wins and counting.

2. EXO (118)

These K-pop Groups Have the Most Music Show Wins Through the Years
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The "Nation's Pick" EXO ranked No. 2 on the list!

EXO, who has been on a group hiatus for a year due to the members' military enlistments, prove their power as they remain thriving and relevant, and impressively maintaining their spot with 118 wins.

Their last release as a group was "Obsession" in 2019, and as they hinted at their comeback this 2021, fans are filled with wonder about the concept they will aim for this time around.

3. TWICE (113)

As of Jan. 3, TWICE already have 113 music show wins, and is currently the girl group with the most music show wins in history!

In 2020, the current "Asia's No. 1 Girl Group" showed their versatility after kicking off with three hit tracks, "More and More," "I Can't Stop Me," and "Cry For Me."

On March 6, TWICE will hold their second online concert, "TWICE in Wonderland."

4. Girls Generation (100)

Next is the OG "Nation's Girl Group"!

Despite their almost four-year hiatus as an eight-member group, Girls' Generation, the first-ever group to have 100 music show wins ever, sits at fourth place.

Their most memorable record is for their hit song "Gee" in 2009 where they recorded nine consecutive music show wins.

5. BIGBANG (87)

The "Kings of K-pop" BIGBANG is standing strong at No. 5, with no release since 2017!

Recently, reports stated that BIGBANG can possibly return this year as well. As they are still preparing the best music to shock the whole K-pop industry, G-Dragon will be the first one to have a major return after YG Entertainment confirmed that he's preparing for new music.

6. Red Velvet (74)

In 2019, Red Velvet surely had a blast after dropping their "ReVe Festival" trilogy, finishing it with "Psycho," which repeatedly earned the SOTY recognition and which gave them a Perfect-All-Kill (PAK).

An official from SM Entertainment announced in 2020 that Red Velvet's comeback is this 2021, and it will surely bring them multiple wins again.

7. GFriend (71)

Ranking No. 7 is the group dubbed as "Queens of Synchronization, "GFriend!

In 2020, the female group released three amazing title tracks, "Crossroads," "Apple," and "Mago," -- all of which contributed to their 71 total music show wins.

8. IU (65)

Of course, the "Nation's Sweetheart" is also on the list!

Currently, IU has 65 music show wins, and the number will surely rise once she finally dropped her much-awaited comeback album!

On Jan. 27, she already teased fans with her pre-release song "Celebrity."

9. SHINHWA (62)

SHINHWA, the longest-running K-pop group in history, entered the top 10 as well, having 62 wins.

10. TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, Highlight (59)

Lastly, these four second-generation K-pop groups all tied in the top 10 with 59 music show wins!

Undoubtedly, they are now ready this year to add more wins to their record as the three latter groups are set to return this 2021.

First, SHINee will kick off with their 7th full album this February 22, along their title track, "Don't Call Me."

Following them, Super Junior's 15th-anniversary album is announced to be dropped this March.

Lastly, though there is still no confirmed released date, Highlight affirmed that they will come back this year.

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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