Super Junior Sungmin Reveals Plan to Have a Baby with Wife Saeun This Year + Love Story and Marriage

Super Junior Sungmin Reveals Plan to Have a Baby with Wife Saeun This Year + Love Story and Marriage
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After seven years of marriage without a child, Sungmin confessed that he is considering having a baby this year along with his wife Saeun. Read the sweet story behind how they started dating to getting married!

The celebrity couple Sungmin of Super Junior and "Miss Trot 2" Kim Saeun have unveiled their plans on bearing a child. In particular, the married couple, who participated in TV Chosun's "Taste of Wife" on Feb. 2, Wednesday, marked their first appearance together in a variety show.

Sungmin said, "It's our first time doing a variety show together as a couple."

During the talk show, Sungmin and Saeun, who've been married for seven years, revealed their love story, their life before and after marriage, as well as their plans of having a baby soon.

Sungmin and Saeun Narrate Love Story + Talk about their Passionate Kiss in "Miss Trot 2"

During the show, the love story of the Sungmin and Saeun seven years ago before marriage was unveiled.The couple met in a musical when they were still enjoying their heyday as idols and singers.

Kim Saeun, who is a musical actress, said, "Before getting married, Sungmin had a lot of schedules, so I went abroad once a week." Super Junior Sungmin recalled then that they don't really have time to meet each other.

Despite that, the marriage proceeded like fate, and just like what Sungmin said, "The question mark about this person became an exclamation mark," it indicates that he already saw Saeun as the girl that he will be with for the rest of his life.

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However, they didn't really enjoy the first years of their marriage as Sungmin went to the military three months after tying the knot. Saeun would visit him every week while cherishing the letters that his wife would send him as a trainee.

Their marriage for seven years was as sweet as ever. Sungmin supported his wife's YouTube activities as well as family affairs. He not only filmed together in the studio inside the house but also prepared and assisted in filming.They confessed that they are inseparable and revealed they would wait for each other once the other one is filming.

Meanwhile, the couple drew the attention of netizens and K-pop fans after Saeun took part in "Miss Trot 2." They even earned more interest when Sungmin had a surprise appearance in the show, sharing a passionate kiss with Saeun that truly shocked the audiences.

Sungmin and Saeun Talks About Their Plans of Having a Baby This Year

On the topic of being married for seven years without a child, Saeun said, "People are talking about babies. I thought I had to hurry."

She also opened up about visiting a gynecologist because she was worried about her age. Saeun confirmed that though she's already 35, the test said she can have a baby and don't have to freeze her eggs yet in case they decided to do it later.

Nevertheless, the couple's parents were also asking for their grandchildren thus Sungmin responded, "I am considering to have it this year."

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